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Free Speech

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Check out this great post concerning free speech over at The Times of Winnipeg.

It's well worth reading.

Bush = Hitler

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Is there any doubt that during George W. Bush's visit to Canada this week, that some moron protester will be parading around with a Bush = Hitler sign. Of course that person is free to make any comparison they wish, but do they actually realize how foolish it is to compare Bush to Hitler. In my opinion, any person carrying such a sign immediately discredits themselves from any relevant position that they may be protesting about. So what's the point?

Surely, no matter how much this type of person hates President Bush, they must know how absurd this comparison is, and must be doing it just to grab a little bit of the protest's spotlight for themselves. I would hope that is the case anyway, otherwise it would be scary to think that an individual could be that much in the dark about history and current affairs.

Some of the Bush = Hitler crowd even has the gall to ramble off a couple of vague references about how Hitler, pre 1939, and Bush are so much alike. But couldn't anybody do a little research and come up with a couple of similarities between most leaders and/or countries through out history.

It just doesn't make sense to me. Do you see conservatives marching about in Ottawa with Paul Martin = Stalin signs? Sure many of us disagree with some of the things that our Prime Minister does, but we seem to have better sense then some of the ones on the political left do. For some reason we don't feel the need to indulge in protests for show, where we must act foolish to get noticed by the media.

Whatever short comings Paul Martin or George W. Bush have, they don't deserve to be compared to two of the biggest mass murders of all time. So why do it? That is what baffles me about some of these protesters, how they can't comprehend the stupidity of their actions. Please tell me I'm not the only one.

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Riding Shotgun!

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I'ld just like to let everyone know that Bob and I will be posting at The Shotgun from time to time.

It's quite an honour to be asked to write with people who can... well let's be honest, write. Regardless we appreciate the invitation and we'll do our best which is all we can promise to do.

We'll still do most of our posting here at canadiancomment but we'll post selected material at The Shotgun with a 'crossposted at The Shotgun' tagline.

Now back to work!

PS: Did I link to The Shotgun enough?

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Oh Kofi This Is Mint

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Kofi Annan is at his best today saying that he was 'disappointed and surprised' to learn that his son was receiving payments from a company involved in the oil-for-food program.

So if Kofi is 'disappointed and surprised' about the actions of his son what words would describe his feelings toward a person who willingly stood by and did nothing while a couple hundred thousand people were murdered by a brutal tyrant?

Just curious.

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Business Lost

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Well after CIBC's actions the last couple of days it is safe to say that I won't be taking any of my business to them anytime soon.

I'm sure most of you have heard that for quite a while now CIBC has been faxing customer information to a junk yard down in the US. After the owner of the junk yard informed CIBC several times he finally resorted to the media since CIBC wouldn't do anything to stop it.

Well CIBC just lost a potential customer today. Today we find CIBC at it's ethical best:
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce accuses scrapyard operator Wade Peer of deliberately leaking confidential CIBC customer data and of violating Canadian privacy laws.

The bank's allegations, made in court filings yesterday, come just one business day after the bank publicly praised him for the way he protected confidential customer data that the bank had mistakenly faxed to him for more than three years.

Mr. Peer is seeking $3-million (U.S.) in damages from the bank in a Maryland court, claiming that the volume of faxes sent to his business, AllStar Sportsline Properties, by CIBC branches prevented him from communicating with his customers. As a result, he claims in the suit, his business failed.

In their brief, CIBC lawyers said: “Mr. Peer provided The Globe and Mail (a mass publication Toronto newspaper) and the Canadian television network CTV with confidential financial information about CIBC's customers — either from his own copies of the faxes or, as Peer now claims, from the materials his counsel had already placed on this Court's website.

“[Mr. Peer and AllStar] have already shown that they will misuse CIBC's confidential customer information. . . . None of this conduct can possibly be justified as a matter of fairness or common sense.”
So let me get this straight. The CIBC fraudulantly handles customer information. An individual informs them of what they are doing and yet they do nothing. He finally forces them to put a stop to it by speaking out to the media. The CIBC becomes worried about it's reputation and so it proceeds to blame the guy on the other end of the fax machine. Gotcha. Makes perfect sense.

That's it for now. I've got a letter to CIBC that I have to write.

Update @ 10:17am

If you want to send CIBC a message you can do it here.

Clueless In Orange

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You've got to love your average NDP supporter. Tommy Douglas won the CBC's The Greatest Canadian contest thanks to an effort by the NDP to get it's members to vote for Douglas.

How clueless must a party's supporters be that they need a recommendation from party brass in who to vote for in a TV contest? From the NDP website:
The CBC contest in search of “The Greatest Canadian” is underway and Tommy Douglas, the father of Medicare and the first federal leader of the NDP, is in the finals. All Canadians are eligible to vote. Voting for Tommy is an excellent way for all Canadians to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Tommy Douglas (October 20).

You'll also find on the NDP's website a petition against the American 'Star Wars' project. The petition says:
WE, the undersigned residents of Canada, draw the attention of the House to the following:

THAT Canadians want to build a peaceful world based on human security;

THAT supporting Star Wars would undermine Canada’s proud tradition of supporting arms control;

THAT this new weapons system is destabilizing, expensive and doesn’t work;

THAT the development of the Star Wars missile defence was only permitted by abandoning one of the world’s most important arms control treaties: the Anti Ballistic Missile Treaty.

THEREFORE, your petitioners call upon Parliament to:

ACKNOWLEDGE that Canada will not participate in a Star Wars missile defence program and strongly condemns George Bush’s destabilizing plans;

WORK with our partners in peace for more arms control and to peacefully bring an end to the production and sale of weapons of mass destruction and any material used to build them; SAY “NO” to Star Wars.
So The Great Southern Horde is going to destabilize the world with their 'crazy' plans.

My question is: Where is the petition protesting against the Russian anti-missile system? Jack? Have you been reading the news the last few weeks? The latest news is:
Russia has successfully tested a modernised anti-ballistic missile at a range in the former Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan, its defence ministry says.

The A-135 missile is said to have successfully hit a training target.

The test suggests Russia has a working system in place around Moscow as the US presses ahead with the deployment of its new anti-ballistic missile (ABM).
My God! The Russians are destabilizing the world!

What a bunch of idiots these NDP'ers are. They are so obsessed with their anti-Americanism that they totally ignore this developement in Russia.

Does This Make Any Sense?

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According to a poll conducted recently most Canadians believe university tuition should be free:
Most Canadians believe tuition fees are too high, and half say they want increases in federal spending on post-secondary education to go toward reducing tuition, a new poll shows.

Two out of three polled said tuition fees have reached an unacceptable level, while one in two said the federal government should provide a free university or college education to any qualified student who can't afford it.

Nearly seven in 10 said Ottawa should increase the amount it spends on post-secondary education. And many disagree with how the government now targets its spending: if Ottawa were to increase spending, fully half said the top priority should be reducing tuition. That response was well ahead of support for research funding, at 13 per cent.
Now did I miss something here? The intro to the article tells us that 50% of Canadians want university to be free. Then in the above quote the article says half want increased federal spending to reduce tuition. And then:
When asked to indicate the best way Ottawa could ensure all qualified people can get a post-secondary education, 30 per cent said to increase funding so tuition can be lowered - the most popular response.
So 30% want lower tuition costs and the author of this article somehow twists that to mean 50% want free tuition? What am I missing here?

The article also says that that Canadians think people who can't afford a university education should be able to get one for free. Excuse me but how many 18 year old kids can afford a university education? None of them can. That is why we provide student loans. You study now. Get a job later. Then pay off the loan. Where is the rocket science in this?

Israeli Rebirth

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This BlogBurst piece is cross-posted by participating websites, to commemorate a milestone in Israel's history. The list of the participating sites is appended at the end of this post.

November 29, 2004:

Anniversary of the UN vote on Resolution 181

Today is the anniversary of the UN vote on resolution 181, which approved the partition of the western part Palestine into a predominately Jewish state and a predominately Arab state. (It is vital to recall that the UN partition plan referred to western Palestine, to underscore that in 1921 the eastern part was ripped off the Jewish National Home by the British Government and handed over to the then Emir Abdullah.)

The partition plan was approved by 33 to 13, with 10 abstentions.

The 33 countries that cast the "Yes" vote were: Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Byelorussia, Canada, Costa Rica, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, France, Guatemala, Haiti, Iceland, Liberia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Sweden, Ukraine, Union of South Africa, USSR, USA, Uruguay, Venezuela. (Among other countries, the list includes the US, the three British Dominions, all the European countries except for Greece and the UK, but including all the Soviet-block countries.)

The 13 countries that chose the Hall of Shame and voted "No" were: Afghanistan, Cuba, Egypt, Greece, India, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, Yemen. (Ten of these are Moslem countries; Greece has the special distinction of being the only European country to have joined the Hall of Shame.)

The ten countries that abstained are: Argentina, Chile, China, Colombia, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Honduras, Mexico, United Kingdom, Yugoslavia.

On November 30, 1947, the day following the vote, the Palestinian Arabs murdered six Jews in a bus making its way to Jerusalem, and proceeded to murder another Jew in the Tel-Aviv - Jaffa area. This was a prelude to a war that claimed the lives of 6,000 Jews, or 1% of the total Jewish population in 1948. This toll is the per capita equivalent of today's Canada losing 300,000 lives, or the US losing 3,000,000.

The object of the war, launched by the Arabs in the former Palestine and the armies of Egypt, Tansjordan, Syria and Lebanon (with help from other Arab countries), was to "throw the Jews into the sea". As the partition map indicates, however, rather than annihilate the Jewish population, the Arabs ended up with less territory than they would have gained by peaceful means.

In addition to the bloodshed in nascent Israel, immediately after the UN vote, Arabs attacks their Jewish neighbours in a number of Arab countries, the murders in Syria's Aleppo being the best known.

Bruised and bleeding, Israel prevailed nonetheless. May our sister-democracy thrive and flourish.

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The 'Ring' And The West

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I came across a good article from 2003 comparing Tolkien's The Lord Of The Rings to Richard Wagner's The Ring Of The Nibelungs.

I especially liked the ending as he compares the Hobbits to contemporary Americans:
Those who hold America in contempt for its lack of refinement (this writer always has held the term "American culture" to be an oxymoron) should think carefully about this conclusion. From their founding on Christmas Day 800 AD, when Charlemagne accepted the crown of the revived Roman Empire, the institutions of the West have been formed in response to external threat. The Holy Roman Empire of the High Middle Ages, Tolkien's conscious model for the Kingdom of Gondor, arose in response to the incursions of Arabs in the south, Vikings in the north, and Magyars in the West. Boorish and gruff as the new American Empire might seem, it is an anti-empire populated by reluctant heroes who want nothing more than to till their fields and mind their homes, much like Tolkien's Hobbits. Under pressure, though, it will respond with a fierceness and cohesion that will surprise its adversaries.

Orcs of the world: Take note and beware.

Foreign Involvement ?

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The Interfax news agency is reporting that a foreign intelligence agency may have been involved in the terrorist attack on the school in Beslan, Russia, that took place back in September. But no word yet on which one it may be, but this quote from the story defiantly got me thinking. Full story here
"Many Russian officials have accused foreign countries, particularly in the West, of double standards on terrorism. In a televised address after the attack, Putin suggested that some Cold War throwbacks in the West who are bent on weakening Russia aid terrorists."
Could it be possible a Western government was involved in the murder of 330 school children, or is Putin simply trying to relive the good old days back when he was in the KGB? Oh well, the case against the the foreign agency sounds far from air tight, but more news could be forth coming.
"For the moment the evidence that we have of this involvement is indirect, so I consider it premature to name exactly which special service it is,"
"when we gather enough convincing evidence, we won't hide it."
Doesn't sound like the Russians quite know who to blame, anybody care to make an educated guess on the out come of this little game of pin the tail on a foreign agency?

Pimping Ain't Easy!

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Just for a change of pace today I'm going to quote comrade Jack Layton, the leader of Canada's Communist NDP party, and not even make fun of him once. Ooops, I guess I already did with the comrade crack. Oh well, on with the post.

Jack Layton has been giving Liberal Immigration Minister, Judy Sgro a hard time lately because of the whole Strippergate affair. Yesterday he accused Sgro of pimping for the sex trade, by approving visas, so strippers can enter Canada easily and find jobs as pealers in Canadian clubs. Here is what Layton had to say. Full story here
"The visa program we have is reprehensible. It is essentially provided for women from very poor countries to come to Canada and dance for Canadian men and get involved in the sex trade,"
"The Liberals are essentially pimping for the sex trade. It's really quite shocking,"
Maybe Layton actually has a point, many people think that these young women are taken advantage of because of the situations they are put in once they reach Canada. They often have no money or family to rely on and are often more desperate to find and maintain full time jobs as strippers. Which leads club owners to seek these foreign girls out because of their willingness to do more of the industry's dirty work than Canadian girls.

I'm sure some of these women that have gotten into Canada in this manor, and have gone on to get university degrees or found other employment, but I can't imagine they are in the majority. If this is the case, then Canada is harming more young women than it is actually helping. Which would lead me to conclude that this program should be ended as soon as possible. What do you think?

[ Via Neale News ]

Update @ 9:52pm

For more on this topic, go over and check out Trudeaupia. I really like how the picture of Paul Martin handing a Canadian flag to a little girl while he was on his trip to the Sudan was worked into the story. "So, do any of you women strip?" That's classic!

More Changes Needed

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Now that the CRTC has removed all restrictions from allowing FOXNews in Canada it is time that the CRTC remove all programming restrictions from CTV Newsnet:
"The issue is fairness," said Robert Hurst, president, CTV News. "This makes Fox News the sixth American television news service to be approved for broadcast in Canada - without any format restrictions. In fact, CTV Newsnet continues to be the only English-language television news service, which must operate under severely restrictive conditions."

"We have entered a new era in which American news choices dominate English-language Canadian television. Canadians have a right to increased, enhanced, unmistakably Canadian news sources, with the ability to compete head-on with Fox News or any other foreign news channels. That's what our application is all about. And today's CRTC announcement makes it more urgent than ever," said Hurst.

CTV applied Aug. 25, 2004, for a change in its licence conditions that requires it to air rigid "newswheel" segments every 15 minutes. It is limited in its ability to air breaking news. CTV Newsnet is the only English-language news service that operates under such restrictions. It is seeking to remain a headline news service in its application, but with greater flexibility to bring Canadians the headline news of the day.
The restrictions CTV operates under are totally draconian whose only purpose is to protect the franchise of CBC Newsworld. There is no place for such restrictions on a Canadian news channel in this day and age. The CRTC has to grow up and recognize that it's job is not to protect us from 'un-Canadian' ideas or to protect one television station from the competition of another.

Fallujans And Foreign Fighters

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From The Jordan Times we have this story about the 'Arabs' who terrorized Falluja:
Fallujans are furious at the foreign fighters who controlled and terrorised their city before they were driven out by a massive US-led assault.

“Their arrival turned the victorious Fallujah of the early fighting into the capital of crime,” says one man, from Al Jughaifi neighbourhood, who was among the tens of thousands to flee Fallujah before the attack.

In April, Fallujah had become a symbol for insurgent groups across Iraq after its fighters held off a US-led push against the Sunni bastion.

Since then, the city of 300,000 became a theocratic no-go zone and a hub for criminals who, posing as resistors, imposed a rule of terror and developed a brutal trade in hostage-taking.

None of the residents who spoke to AFP accepted having their names published, as the fear of retaliation from the infamous foreign fighters still runs high.

But everyone of them has an anecdote or a comment on the handful of fighters who instilled fear among the population and whom Iraqis refer to as “Arabs.”

“Throat-cutting is the only thing they know, they used to terrorise us,” said one Fallujan, who found refuge with relatives in Baghdad.

“They wreaked havoc in the city and the fighters from Fallujah did nothing to stop them,” another resident said.

It is difficult to know how many foreign fighters were in Fallujah before US and Iraqi forces launched the largest postwar military offensive against the rebel bastion, but most estimates put the figure at around 500.

“Lately, some residents were even secretly been hoping that the Americans would invade the town and rid them of the Arab fighters,” said one resident.

He claimed that some slogans hostile to the fighters had been inscribed on walls in Fallujah. “No to the presence of Arab fighters” or “the sons of Fallujah can take care of their own defenc,” read some of them.

Most displaced people interviewed by AFP explained that the bulk of these fighters — from countries such as Algeria, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen — arrived after the “April victory.”
Why do the people who oppose US actions in Iraq refuse to listen to the actual voices of average Iraqis? I guess the usual stories of grateful Iraqis just doesn't make good headlines.

It's a shame that these people have to suffer because the UN and our national media don't care.

Liberal Exxxonomics

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The Liberal Party is once again doing it's best to improve Canada's economic performance.

Worried about the economic prospects of the erotic dancing industry, Immigration Canada has taken it upon themselves to bail out the industry:
New Democratic MP Pat Martin yesterday accused two top aides of Immigration Minister Judy Sgro of issuing a "thinly veiled" threat to deny ministerial permits to his constituents if he criticized her conduct in granting a Canadian-resident permit to a Romanian stripper.

Mr. Martin said he was afraid to question Ms. Sgro's handling of the controversy after he received calls from Marc Khouri, the director of parliamentary affairs in her office, and another senior aide, Rene Ouellet.

He claims Ms. Sgro's advisors read a list of applications for temporary-resident permits from people in his Winnipeg Centre riding and implied they would be denied if he attacked her in the Commons for fast-tracking the stripper's application after she worked on Ms. Sgro's election campaign.

"I kept my mouth shut so far because I don't want to lose my ability to get ministerial permits when I need them," Mr. Martin said in an interview. "The thinly veiled message there was if you enjoy being able to achieve ministerial permits, you should stop criticizing this ministerial permit. You would to be an idiot not to read between the lines."

His allegations came as Ms. Sgro faced another day of intense questioning in the Commons and told reporters there was "a labour market need" for importing foreign exotic dancers.

"It's an industry that is in Canada. You have to recognize that it is," she said. "Otherwise, you'd have to wipe out the whole industry."
This is simply another example of the Liberal Party having gone off it's meds. Canada needs more strippers? Really.

I wonder how funny Judy Sgro finds all of this. She doesn't actually take herself seriously does she? Could she? With a straight face Ms. Sgro can actually tell us that the strippers applications wasn't fast tracked after working on Ms. Sgro's election campaign. These people are beyond belief.

I've read about Canada having a shortage of doctors, scientists, and high-tech workers. Never have I read in any Canadian newspaper about stripclubs going out of business due to a lack of workers. Perhaps I'm reading the wrong newspapers.

We're All Screwed

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According to a study here in Ontario drinking too much water is unhealthy for you:
DRINKING WATER when you're not thirsty could be harmful to your health, according to a surprise finding of medical researchers studying the health fallout from Walkerton's tainted water tragedy. "We think we have the rare opportunity to identify a problem that will have a huge impact on the general population," Bill Clark, a kidney specialist and chair of the Walkerton Health Study, said Thursday.
Well isn't that just wonderful. So how long will it be before bottled water has health warnings on them? The government better get on this quickly before we have an epidemic of kidney disease.

Sometimes I'ld like to find the people doing these studies and just slap them a few times. We micromanage our lives enough as it is these days that we don't have to keep adding to the stupidity. A society that can worry about such things has way to much time on it's hands.

Maybe we should force people to do 10 hours of forced labour a week so that they don't have time to worry about such minutia.

Doctors and Strippers Wanted!!!

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I was reading over at Breaking Canadian News and came across a couple of news stories which state that Canada is suffering from a shortage of skilled workers in a couple of different fields of work. It seems that the country is short on strippers and doctors.

What we as a country need to do is come up with a aggressive marketing campaign to attract male doctors to Canada that are married to strippers. Its a simple solution to all our problems, I mean who can live without strippers and doctors anyway?

Dumbing Down

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Here is a test for 11-year-old kids from 1898.

Sure. School standards haven't fallen over the years. Of course not.

Are They Serious?

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You know your position on the separation of church and state is totally messed up when you start to believe that things like this make sense:
A California teacher has been barred by his school from giving students documents from American history that refer to God -- including the Declaration of Independence.

Steven Williams, a fifth-grade teacher at Stevens Creek School in the San Francisco Bay area suburb of Cupertino, sued for discrimination on Monday, claiming he had been singled out for censorship by principal Patricia Vidmar because he is a Christian.

"It's a fact of American history that our founders were religious men, and to hide this fact from young fifth-graders in the name of political correctness is outrageous and shameful," said Williams' attorney, Terry Thompson.

"Williams wants to teach his students the true history of our country," he said. "There is nothing in the Establishment Clause (of the U.S. Constitution) that prohibits a teacher from showing students the Declaration of Independence."
Do the idiots at Stevens Creek School not realize that their position doesn't make any sense. They ultimately claim that religion has no place in American schools based on the founding documents of the United States (i.e. the Constituation, Bill of Rights, etc...). Now they want to ban those same documents because they refer to God.


[Via small dead animals]

Martin Tries To Make A Good Impression

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Paul Martin has been in Sudan this week trying to impress the locals. Unfortunately this is probably not the best way to go about it.

Nice Van

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I posted this in a comment to one of Bob's posts but I just had to mention it again here since I was so impressed.

The weather driving home from Ottawa today totally sucked. It was wet, slippery, and all around nasty. Anyways, we're about halfway home and I noticed the van just ahead of us had something written all over the back of it. We get a bit closer and what do I see but 'Tired of being fucked by the government'.

The first thought to go through my head was... awesome!

Then we notice that there was more written on the side so we speed up a bit and am greeted with 'We used to sent criminals to jail now we elect them' and 'Drop your pants, bend over, and grab your ankles'.


The better-half assumed it was some friend of mine which unfortunately it wasn't.

Van guy. If you're out there let me know. I'll take you out for a few beers.

What is Happiness?

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That very question was asked to former President of Czechoslovakia, Masaryk. This is how he responded.
"What is happiness? It is the right to go out into the main square, and to shout at the top of your voice, 'Lord, what a bad government we have.'"
After reading that quote I wondered if that most people in North America, myself included, take our freedom serious enough. Should we stop being so content with our situation, and demand more from our elected officials? We do have it pretty good, but we deserve more transparency and accountability from our government. We should stand up for the freedom so many have fought for us to have, we owe ourselves at least that much. Don't you think?

Have You Lost Hope?

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Are you one of the people that are losing hope that Iraq can ever be turned into a productive country, with a stable economy and free population by the Americans and British? Well, my message to you is don't be so pessimistic. It may also help if you read this quote from a resident of France, who was equally depressed about his situation after WWII.
"In 1950 France was in ruins. I saw only a world marked by war, by destruction, by the shadow of war and by fear. I believed that it was not finished, that there would be a next war. I did not think it would be possible to build a life, to have a family. Then came the group of young Americans, attractive, idealistic, optimistic, protected, believing and acting as though anything was possible. It was a transforming experience for me."
This man could still not see the light at the end of the tunnel about 5 years after France was liberated from the Nazis, and France turned out pretty good. Seriously, I don't agree with some things the French government says or does, but overall the liberation of France by Canadian, American and British troops is a smashing success story.

So how do you think it would be possible for Iraq to be a glowing success story already? This is not the movies folks, we are dealing with real problems, where things progress in real time, this is not a fantasy world. Only time will tell the whole story, and for the sake of Iraqis, I hope the liberation of their country is also a big success story, that will be looked at positively by future generations. Freedom must prevail.

A Piece Of Wisdom

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Theodore Dalrymple is a physician who has worked in prison and hospital wards throughout Britian for the last 14 years. Dalrymple is planning to retire from his work as a physician in the coming months and I'm dearing hoping that he doesn't retire his writing career as well.

His writings quite possibly provide the most insightful and direct observations on human behaviour you'll find on the Internet.

His latest piece The Frivolity of Evil is another must read. In it he describes the small evils that people commit and how the welfare state actively encourages such behaviours. He says:
The result is a rising tide of neglect, cruelty, sadism, and joyous malignity that staggers and appalls me. I am more horrified after 14 years than the day I started.

Where does this evil come from? There is obviously something flawed in the heart of man that he should wish to behave in this depraved fashion—the legacy of original sin, to speak metaphorically. But if, not so long ago, such conduct was much less widespread than it is now (in a time of much lesser prosperity, be it remembered by those who think that poverty explains everything), then something more is needed to explain it.

A necessary, though not sufficient, condition is the welfare state, which makes it possible, and sometimes advantageous, to behave like this. Just as the IMF is the bank of last resort, encouraging commercial banks to make unwise loans to countries that they know the IMF will bail out, so the state is the parent of last resort—or, more often than not, of first resort. The state, guided by the apparently generous and humane philosophy that no child, whatever its origins, should suffer deprivation, gives assistance to any child, or rather the mother of any child, once it has come into being. In matters of public housing, it is actually advantageous for a mother to put herself at a disadvantage, to be a single mother, without support from the fathers of the children and dependent on the state for income. She is then a priority; she won't pay local taxes, rent, or utility bills.

As for the men, the state absolves them of all responsibility for their children. The state is now father to the child. The biological father is therefore free to use whatever income he has as pocket money, for entertainment and little treats. He is thereby reduced to the status of a child, though a spoiled child with the physical capabilities of a man: petulant, demanding, querulous, self-centered, and violent if he doesn't get his own way. The violence escalates and becomes a habit. A spoiled brat becomes an evil tyrant.


Ultimately, the moral cowardice of the intellectual and political elites is responsible for the continuing social disaster that has overtaken Britain, a disaster whose full social and economic consequences have yet to be seen. A sharp economic downturn would expose how far the policies of successive governments, all in the direction of libertinism, have atomized British society, so that all social solidarity within families and communities, so protective in times of hardship, has been destroyed. The elites cannot even acknowledge what has happened, however obvious it is, for to do so would be to admit their past responsibility for it, and that would make them feel bad. Better that millions should live in wretchedness and squalor than that they should feel bad about themselves—another aspect of the frivolity of evil. Moreover, if members of the elite acknowledged the social disaster brought about by their ideological libertinism, they might feel called upon to place restraints upon their own behavior, for you cannot long demand of others what you balk at doing yourself.
I fear that over time our society is losing it's 'civilizing' abilities and in time will lead to a tyrannical government. I don't think it is too far of a stretch. When I grew up on PEI we never locked our doors. Heck we couldn't lock the doors since the stinking lock didn't work. But we never worried. Today, even on PEI you would be crazy to leave your house unlocked. Cottages are broken into on a regular basis and if you leave anything of value in your yard then you better ensure that you have it chained to something.

How have things come to this? Why can't people feel secure in their own communities? Dalrymple informs us that in 1921 there was one crime for every 370 people in England and Wales. Today that number has risen to one crime for every 10. I have no reason to believe the numbers would be much different for Canada. What has led to this?

I know the answer is certainly complex with many probably causes. Dalrymple's insight into this subject is impressive.

As he says elsewhere in the article '... sooner or later the summation of small evils leads to the triumph of evil itself.'

Here's To Goodbye

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If I didn't think he was such a conniving weasel I'ld almost feel sorry for him.

A Little Rant

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For this post to make any sense, read the previous post by my co-blogger Dana.

I have to say I totally agree with Dana, the Government or any political party doesn't need to baby sit the population of Canada. The government has a hard enough time looking after its self, little own the rest of us. Complete and utter morons! Since when does the government decide what I can eat. Excuse me Mr. Martin, or who ever the hell is in charge! I was thinking about having a bag of chips and a soda, is it alright with you? No, what till Friday, OK.

And besides, where does it end? First trans-fat, but what about the other drains on the healthcare system? Thousands of children country wide, get their cute little fingers jammed in doors every year and are treated at emergency rooms. When is the ban on doors coming into effect? Or how about stupidity? That, as sure as I'm sitting here causes millions of tax dollars to be wasted. When is the ban on stupidity going be passed?

Or maybe the political parties are just concerned about our well being, instead of being worried about wasting our tax dollars on future health problems caused by trans-fat. Maybe they want us to eat and feel better, give us a little peace of mind. How sweet. If that's the case, I'd feel a whole lot better if the government cut my income tax payments in half and flew me around the globe everywhere our Governor General goes. I sure could use the vacation.

Just think, when the time comes when the government controls our thoughts and actions, and makes us all perfect little citizens. Then we can change the name of our country from Canada to Utopia! I can't wait to be perfect, please hurry, so many people need help and guidance from our all knowing overlords elected officials.

Sometimes I Wonder

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What is the Conservative Party thinking? Jay brings to our attention the Conservative Party's support to ban trans-fat.

One of the major concerns I have about Canada's only major conservative party is that is doesn't have a freaking clue. OK perhaps that is a bit more than a 'major concern'. Regardless, I don't want the government telling me what to eat or what not to eat. I don't care that I will have a 0.5% increased chance of a heart attack in 20 years if I eat 5000 lbs of potato chips. Now if I dropped dead an hour after eating a handful of chips then I'ld appreciate their concern. Otherwise this is just another example of government sticking it's nose where it doesn't belong.

I don't want the government micro-managing my very existence.

Since I sat down at the computer I've probably eaten about thirty Whoppers. This can't possibly be good for me. Anyone from the Conservative Party wanna come down and take my blood pressure?


Think Big!

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How's this for thinking big? There isn't much property development like this where I come from. I thought cottage prices on P.E.I. were getting pretty high, but some of these lots go for about 17 million.

Truly amazing, how people will continue to find more and more glamorous ways to spend their fortunes. I usually just go to Chapters or SportChek to spend all my extra wealth, but I do see myself living on my own private island someday. Someday, when the soft sand stone of P.E.I. erodes enough that my house on will be surrounded completely by water. I can't wait!

Socialism Is Your Friend

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I thought this was so funny I figured I'ld post it in it's entirety:

Look at it this way:

You go to the pie shop and realize that you only have enough money for one slice of pie. Then in walks Bill Gates who proceeds to buy all the pies and leaves you standing there completely pieless. Is that fair? Why does he get all the pies? Shouldn't he be made to share some of his pies instead of hording them all? Socialism says "YES, everyone is entitled to a piece of the pie! For now on, all pie shops will be under the control of The People, and The People will decide how to distribute the pies fairly and equitably."

Imagine a world where, instead of walking into a pie shop and hoping, PRAYING you have enough money for one itty bitty little piece of pie, you simply put your name on a waiting list for the priviledge to go before a special commitee, who will carefully determine how deserving you are of pie, and will then give you a slice of pie FOR FREE!!!!! Never again will anyone have to pay for pie, and never again will one man be able to horde ALL the pie. No more will people compete to get more pie than their neighbor. Everyone will be entitled to exactly the same amount of pie, with the exception of the People on the Pie Committee, who will get extra pie because they wear party pins.

How do you get a party pin? Well, you have to join the Party, and that will cost you a fee of 100 pies. Then you have to be approved by the party leader, MOI, and I don't like the shape of your nose. In fact, I think you're being greedy by coming around and asking for pie all the time when the People are starving in the streets. "I want pie! I want pie! ME ME ME ME ME!!!!" You are putting your needs above the needs of The People, and that just won't do. Your selfish attitude is harmful to The People, and you're the reason everyone is starving. It's because of YOU that there aren't enough pies to go around. The only way we're going to make this a perfect Socialist Utopia is if we put a stop to big-nosed, pie-stealing scum like you sabotaging the system! THE PEOPLE MUST BE CLEANSED OF YOUR DISEASE!!!! GET ON THE BOXCAR!!!! NOW!!!!

So the next time some right-wing extemist asks if you're a socialist, just smile and say, "I like pie".
Now why couldn't I come up with something like that. BlameBush! is a must read blog.

War Crimes

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Did I ever mention that I hate most of the mainstream media? The recent coverage of the marine who was caught on video shooting a combatant is a perfect reminder of why the mainstream media makes me want to pull my hair out.

All over the world, the media trumpeted the charge that the marine had commited a war crime.

I am not sure as to the exact details of the case in question but I can tell you this... the combatant was in no way protected under the Geneva Convention. In every instance the media should make it a point to mention that tiny little detail.

None of these combatants in Iraq qualify for the protections outlined in the Geneva Convention and anyone who suggests otherwise has no understanding of International Law. As well do the people who want such protections granted to the insurgents in Iraq really want to deal with the consequences of such a precedent?

Do these people really want to make it acceptable to use civilians as shields? Do they want to make it acceptable to target children?

The rules outlined in the Geneva Conventions were put there for a reason. That reason was to ensure war was fought in as much of a humane manner as possible. Granting such rights to the insurgents turns such reasoning totally on it's head.

And not only does the fact that the 'rules of war' are being permanently blurred worry me, but the lack of context equally worries me. The world gets in an uproar about the actions of one marine and yet were are these voices of outrage when a public space is bombed by the insurgents? Where the hell is it!?

Jane Novak writing for the Arab News reflects my frustration:
What a glaring double standard. The Arab world is enraged over the shooting of a wounded, unarmed Iraqi insurgent by a uniformed US soldier.

There is no similar outrage for Margaret Hassan. Is it because she was an Anglo, a woman, or because a Muslim killed her?

The video of the soldier shooting is proof, we are told, of America’s evil. And the kidnapping, torture and murder of Mrs. Hassan is then proof of what? That America is evil! Muslims wouldn’t do that unless evil America forced their hand.

Bombing children, defiling mosques, kidnapping civilians, executing poor workers and cleaning out women — these are not discussed or broadcast with frequency, or invoke much anger. Videos where a masked man shakes a bloody head while the curtains flutter do not evoke such fury. Why? The identity of the victim or the perpetrator?

All tactics of the insurgents are excused. Hide among civilians. Justified. Wear civilian clothes. Justified. Shoot from a mosque. Justified. Feign death to draw soldiers in (the way one Marine died the day before the incident). Justified. Wave a white flag as a ploy. Justified. Booby-trap dead bodies. Justified. That’s just Fallujah.

Moving outward — Deliberately killing Iraqi civilians daily. Justified. Bombing churches. Justified. Bombing cafes. Justified. Using schools and mosques as arsenals. Justified. Attacking the police. Just fine.

The rules of war don’t apply to the insurgents, only the Americans. And if one horrible act occurs at the hands of one American soldier, the world howls.
Go read the whole thing.

Gagliano's Missed Chance

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Now that former Liberal cabinet minister Alfonzo Gagliano is facing accusations that he was a made man in the Bonanno crime family based in New York, he missed a great chance to show a little bit of a sense of humour. Instead of just answering reporters questions in the boring way that he did, they went something like this.
"They are untrue. It's all I can say."
Come on, how lame is that? He should have only said one thing and then left it a that. And what should he have said, well with his best Robert DeNiro impression, he should have told reporters to "forget about it". Don't you think that would have been funny?

The Odds

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What are the odds that this holds out for at least a year?

My guess. Zero.

But hey, at least the bureaucrats at the UN can feel like they've earned their paychecks.

Finally Some Sanity

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[Via Nealenews]

Why is it that Rex Murphy is the only person at the CBC who speaks sense anymore. I suspect that I probably disagree with Murphy on a lot of issues but at least he thinks through the events that Canada is faced. Today he discusses Carolyn Parrish's latest antics:
A lot of private Canadians have said a lot worse about U.S. and a whole lot about George Bush. But there's one Canadian who is not a private citizen, she's an MP who's almost worked up a whole vaudeville act built on strands of anti-Americanism and condescending or straight up insults either to the Americans themselves, "Damn Americans, I hate those bastards, coalition of the idiots," or to their president and head of state.

She doesn't hold Mr. Bush in any esteem whatsoever and seems to think it's part of her function as an MP to seek out increasingly ridiculous venues, it used to be the Mike Bullard show, to air her meagre tiny distempers. Now on the eve of the President's visit, Miss Parrish has obliged "22 Minutes" by doing a little number on a George Bush doll.

Pure enlightenment. Miss Parrish occasionally makes the claim that she's extending the debate, that she's standing up to the Americans and all sorts of noble stuff about the right to free speech. I don't know. "Idiots, damn Americans, I hate those bastards," that "22 Minutes" jig, these are words and actions that belong to the classroom show-off, the needy clown, attention getting by means of insult and crude display. They're nothing but "Look at me insulting George Bush and sticking it to the Yanks." It's juvenile, it's smug, and it's vulgar. It will amuse only very limited minds, and it will offend a great number of Americans, even those who do not support George Bush but who don't like to see their head of state derided by second rate comments and third rate stunts by one of our members of Parliament.

I don't want to see her muscled. Far from it. Let her continue to air her angry heart's content. The deeper embarrassment here is to herself, however long the realization is in coming. And one last note: A lot of people who think George Bush is the stupid party ought to visit a mirror. For "The National," I'm Rex Murphy.
Go check all of Rex's material. He's the only one worth reading at the CBC.

Oh This Is Mint

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[Via La Shawn Barber's Corner]

I've ranted with friends before about people changing the terms B.C. to B.C.E. and A.D. to C.E. It drives me nuts when I see books and whatnot changing these terms. A while back a museum in Toronto caused a stink when they dated their exhibits with the 'common' notations.

Well Selwyn Duke does an awesome job showing how stupid such a thing is:
All joking aside, their reasoning is the epitome of specious logic. B.C. and A.D. certainly are reflective of Christianity, but everything is reflective of something. For instance, since we’re talking about our calendar, it’s instructive to note that every single month’s name is of Roman origin. A few examples: July and August were named after Julius and Augustus Caesar. January and March were named after Janus and Mars, the Roman pagan gods of war, and of gates and doors and entrances and exits, respectively. September, November and December are named after the Latin [which was the language the Romans spoke] words for seven, nine and ten, respectively. Should we rename our months? After all, relatively few people are of Roman descent.

Then there’s the fact that we use the Roman alphabet [although they learned it from the Etruscans] and Arabic numerals [invented by the Hindus, most likely]. Yet, I never hear anyone say that we should dispense with those designations because they might offend those not of Roman, Etruscan, Arabic or Hindu lineage. Or, how about the fact that English, which is spoken in all corners of the Earth now, bears the name of a people on a small island in the Atlantic?

And what about our cities and states? Many of them bear names that are reflective of Christian influence: Los Angeles [the Angels], Sacramento [the Sacraments] and Corpus Christi [the Body of Christ], to name a few. But, then, some are reflective of French influence, such as Baton Rouge and Louisiana; some are reflective of American Indian influence, such as Chappaqua, Saratoga, Illinois, Texas and twenty-five other states; some are reflective of Spanish influence, such as Palo Alto, Los Alamos and over two-thousand other places. And, of course, there’s the fact that our country was named after the explorer Amerigo Vespucci. There go those Italians again, hogging all the influence.

Methinks much offense can be taken, so some remedial action is in order. Here are my suggestions: our months should be renamed and referred to as “Common Month One,” “Common Month Two,” etc. Then, our alphabet can be called “the Common Alphabet,” our numbers “the Common Numerals” and English “the Common Language.” Then we must resolve to rename our states “Common State One,” “Common State two,” all the way up to fifty, assigning them the Common Numbers based on the order in which they entered our Common Union. The end of this good start – but only the beginning of a journey toward total sensitivity – will be to take the lead among nations and rename America “Common Nation 192.” Why Common Number 192? Well, that’s how many nations exist at present, and we wouldn’t want to be so insensitive as to take Common Number One for ourselves simply because we were so privileged as to be sensitive first. Now, I don’t expect other nations to follow suit immediately, but I reckon that when our common-sense extends across the Common Oceans and to the common folk, Common Continents one through six will become sensitized to sensitivity.
I simply couldn't agree more.

Hit the Road

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Paul Martin has finally heard Carolyn Parrish open her big mouth one too many times. You can talk smack about George Dubya, but now that she has admitted to having no loyalty to "Team Martin", she has gotten her walking papers and has been kicked out of the Liberal caucus. My message to her, don't let the door hit you on the way out! Full story here

As always, from my favorite news source, Neale News

Israeli Reality

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Joey Tartakovsky does a very good job of describing Israel's place in the world:
If it puffs Syrian or Egyptian pride vis-à-vis Israel to do at the UN what they could not do on the battlefield—win—then let them posture. It does not change the fact that Israelis are rich and powerful and free, and Syrians and Egyptians are poor and illiterate and weak. Does anyone doubt that grudge and envy do not fire their anger against Israel, a country of six million? Israel’s neighbors have fallen so far behind the rest of the world in the globalizing era that their literacy rates lag behind those of sub-Saharan Africa. Spain translates more books in a year than the entire Arab Middle East has in the last thousand years.

Meanwhile, Israel has transformed a resource-poor land the size of New Jersey into a proud and unapologetic democracy that wins wars. Self-investment, openness and unbound inquiry have catapulted Israel to world leader in medical, military and internet technology, developers of everything from the agricultural equipment used in the valleys of California and AOL Instant Messenger to our ballistic missile defense system. A commitment to economic liberty and the rule of law have grown Israel’s economy larger than those of South Africa and Argentina, whose populations number 42 million and 39 million, respectively. Critics whine that Israelis possess tanks while Palestinians wield only rocks. It does not seem to register with them that Israel has tanks because Israel invented tanks. (It’s called the Merkava, from the Biblical word for “chariot.”) Out of twelve Nobel prizes awarded this year, Israelis received two. These are the earned fruits of a free society.

The Holocaust destroyed forever the universe of European Jewry from which Einstein, Freud and Marx emerged—its culture, language, and two-thirds of its lives. But one of the most curious aspects of this narrative is that the survivors did not allow themselves to drown in a black ocean of loss and pity, or pledge eternal revenge against Germany. Instead, they set about to rebuild, painfully, but inspirited by a deep sense of faith and dignity. This moral character explains why Israel has never produced a suicide bomber, and why Palestine has never produced a real Nobel laureate. History is made not by unseen social forces but by men, and it matters dearly in the determination of a nation’s fate whether its Founding Fathers are men like David Ben-Gurion, Chaim Weizmann and Abba Eban and whether they are men like Hajj Amin al-Husseini, Sheik Ahmed Yassin and Yasir Arafat.
Go read the whole thing.

Addressing The Democratic Deficit

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Paul Martin made a big deal about addressing the democratic deficit in Canada during the last election campaign. And what has he done since taking office. Well nothing of course which is just about what I figured he would do.

Paul Martin has a golden opportunity to reinforce democratic values in our country by appointing some of Alberta's 'senators in waiting' that will be elected in the provincial election. Martin's response to this is:
I have long been an advocate of Senate reform. However, I do not believe, Mr. Speaker, that doing Senate reform piecemeal really would bring us the desired result. In fact, what it would quite well do is, in fact, simply exacerbate a number of the problems.

So, Mr. Speaker, what I think we should to is to look at Senate reform but look at it in its entirety.
What is the desired result Martin speaks of here? A senate dominated by Liberal appointees?

And how exactly does appointing these 'senators in waiting' not bring about the desired result? The desired result is to have a more representative senate through direct elections. Isn't it?

No Comment?

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According to Zaman Online the Russians have developed some sort of anti-missle shield:
According to the Russian news agencies Interfax and ITAR-Tass, Putin disclosed that the trials of new missile shields system were complete and that the new missiles will be ready to use within a few years.
The details are few and far between so it is kind of difficult to determine what this system involves.

But my questions are... Why isn't Jack Layton screaming about nuclear armageddon? Why is Carolyn Parrish not screaming about those 'idiot' Russians?

Oh I forgot... Vladimir Putin isn't American.

Remembrance Day Should be National Holiday

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For all the complaining I do about Gov. Gen. Adrienne Clarkson, I have to admit she is right on this one. Remembrance Day should be a statutory national holiday, all Canadians should get the day off to reflect on what our veterans did for the country.
"I want the veterans to be honoured; I want the people who sacrificed themselves to be honoured in the utmost way we can honour them; and, if we honour them through a statutory holiday with all the sort of things that are built up around it, then I will stand by that,"
I think this would be the right thing to do. Most provinces, including my home province, Prince Edward Island, already give everybody the day off on November 11th, it's time for Quebec and Ontario to follow. It's not very often that Ontario and Quebec are in the position to follow P.E.I.'s lead, but in this case they both should.

Chirac Slams Blair

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French President, Jacques Chirac said yesterday that Tony Blair has gained nothing by supporting President Bush and the war in Iraq. Full story here

This is why the French are such terrible friends, and the British are good friends of the United States. Britain will stand by its friends without question or need for material gain, while the French are the opposite. Their self interest makes it difficult to have a consistently strong and meaningful relationship with America.

Imagine if America looked out for only their own interests in WWII and only fought against the Japanese in the Pacific, instead of sending tons of equipment and young men to fight in the European theatre. What would glorious France look like today, or Vichy France or whatever we'd be calling it.

Chirac continued by saying that Britain and France are inseparable and that no division will ever come between them.
"Imagining that there can be division between the British and French vision of Europe is as absurd as imagining that we are building Europe against the United States.”
That statement also brings me back to the days of WWII, and the official record from meetings before the D-Day landings, where the interests of Britain, America and France were being discussed.
"If after every effort had been exhausted, the President was on one side and the French Committee of National Liberation on the other, he Mr. Churchill, would almost certainly side with the President, and that anyhow no quarrel would ever arise between Britain and the United States on account of France."
I especially think that statement holds true today, Britain backed the Americans, while the French did all they could to sabotages Bush's plans to remove Saddam Hussein from power. Now you tell me what kind of friend you would rather have.

Now You Can Be A Moonbat Too!

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Finally I'll be able to participate in the Democratic Underground forums. With Sean's Autorantic Virtual Moonbat you can too. Here is my first conspircay theory:
Once again, the Nazis have STOLEN the so-called "election"!!! The henchmen of Karl Rove gassed minority voters in France!!!!!!!!! And their last-minute SCARE TACTICS of accusing John Kerry of being a space bunny, and trying to focus on character instead of REAL ISSUES like dental insurance were calculated to frighten so-called "chimps" into VOTING!!!! If you're not FURIOUS about this, then you're a BIG IDIOT!!!!!!!
It's almost poetic.

[Via Daimnation!]


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[Via Nealenews]

According to Gene Johnson of the AP Canadians are urging American lefties to move to Canada.

Apparently Canada has suffered a horrendous genocide because, according to Johnson, the only remaining Canadian is a Vancouver lawyer named Rudi Kischer. Kischer is giving information sessions to Americans who have an interest in immigrating to Canada. I don't want to call these people whiners. I don't want to call them idiots either. So instead I'll give them 10 reasons not to move to Canada. Here goes...

The top 10 reasons for an American not to move to Canada:

10) Killer squirrels. These squirrels are strong enough that two of them can carry off a small child. Bad. Very bad.
9) Do I have to tell you about the cold? You Americans are soft. You won't make through February.
8) Due to how close we are to the North Pole there are only two hours of daylight during the winter months. Yes Toronto too. Those two hours are usually spent knocking the snow off of the roof and hunting squirrels for food.
7) Horrible hair. Horrendous. Have you ever heard of hat-head?
6) Hockey is mandatory. As I said in reason #9 you people are soft and won't make it through an hour of shinny.
5) Due to our obsession with reason #6 most Canadians are lucky if they have more than twelve teeth. During the harsh winter months most of us are reduced to gumming frozen squirrel meat for sustenance.
4) Taxes are so high in Canada that most Canadians have to spent two hours a day hunting squirrels. All Canadian taxes are paid with squirrel pelts. Due to restrictions on gun ownership most Canadians must hunt for squirrels using a large stick or a small frozen piece of rubber called a puck.
3) Contrary to what you have heard igloos are NOT warm.
2) Travelling is dangerous in Canada. Dog-sled teams are known to eat their owners if they get sufficiently hungry.
1) Scurrvy!

Well Said

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Mike at Cold Fury has a must read post about the left and its view of the world. A small sample:
Okay, is anybody but me sick yet of the Left’s floundering and flailing about, trying to find any way they possibly can to blame somebody else for their failure to espouse a message remotely palatable to the majority of eligible American voters? Is anybody but me wishing right about now that somebody would clong them upside the head with a shovel and say, “Look, morons, here’s the deal….”?

Well, let’s try this then. Let’s stipulate for the sake of argument that everything the Left claims to fear about the Bush admin and mainstream red-state America is true.

Yep, that’s right, you commie bastiches, we’re coming for you. It’s only a matter of time now until you hear that late-night knock on the door you’ve been dreading all along. Our jack-booted gendarmerie is going to be working overtime rounding up every non-white and non-rich subject of our fascist regime, and we’re going to be baking every last one of you into pies that we’ll then refuse to share with the poor and hungry. We’ll be baking those pies in coal-fired ovens, and those ovens will be devoid of any sort of exhaust-scrubber whatever, because we want to release all the toxic gases and chemicals we can into the atmosphere.


All of that: so stipulated. Now, the question for you moonbat Lefty baglappers: what the hell are you going to do about it?

I mean, seriously; if you truly believe that all this is now in the process of happening right before your very eyes, doesn’t it become incumbent upon you, as the most basic imaginable of moral obligations, to do something to prevent it, or overturn it? I mean, obviously, you tried peaceful means of stopping us, but that didn’t work—because us right-wingnuts rigged the election and disenfranchised everybody. And you can’t go to the courts because they’re in the Bushitler’s pocket too, all the way up to the Supreme Court, which you’ve been saying for four years now illegally handed him the White House after the tainted 2000 “election.” So your last legal, nonviolent means of resistance has been taken away from you, and you can’t even count on the media to publicize the reality of what’s going on because of their right-wing slant, their fondness for the status quo, and of course the fact that they’re really nothing but money-grubbing corporations themselves whose only concern is the bottom line.

So what’s left, Lefties? Where do you go from here? What are you gonna do about it?

I’ll tell you what you’re going to do about it: you’re not going to do one damned thing but continue with your whining, that’s what, and it’s not because deep down you’re all cowards either. It’s because deep down, you know you’re full of shit. You don’t even believe half the stuff you’re currently crying about yourselves.

Because if you did, you wouldn’t be talking about it. You wouldn’t be writing whiny letters to the editor; you wouldn’t be fearfully mincing down to the Canadian Consulate to half-seriously inquire about moving; you wouldn’t be sitting in coffee houses denouncing the moronic inhabitants of Jesusland with your fellow smug, self-satisfied pseudo-hip doofuses. You’d be gearing up and arming yourselves for the fight of your lives. And much to your surprise, you’d have a lot of us over here on the right offering to help load mags.
Go read the whole thing.

Wanna Be Like Ike

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There are some people who criticize President Bush's attitude and truthfulness when he talks about the current situation in Iraq, because they think he should he should be the bearer of more bad news in leveling with Americans about what is happening there.

I on the other hand, through much research on former war time leaders throughout American history, have come across a fine example of war time leadership that George W. Bush may be trying to emulate with his positivity. Both of the next two quotes are from books by Stephen E. Ambrose about Dwight Eisenhower, better known as Ike.
"Without confidence, enthusiasm, optimism in the command, victory is scarcely obtainable."
"Eisenhower also realized that 'optimism and pessimism are infectious and spread more rapidly from the head downward than in any other direction.' He saw two additional advantages to a cheerful and hopeful attitude by the commander: First, the "habit tends to minimize potentialities within the individual himself to become demoralized.' Second, it 'has a most extraordinary effect upon all with whom he comes in contact. With this clear realization, I firmly determined that my mannerisms and speech in public would always reflect the cheerful certainty of victory - that any pessimism and discourage I might ever feel would be reserved for my pillow. .'
So the next time President Bush is talking about the progress being made in Iraq, and you are having a hard time swallowing the sunny outlook he is giving you. Then just remember the last two quotes and think about how important it is for the leader of a nation at war to remain positive about its outcome, because not only do the soldiers in the field need to see that confident man in charge, the whole nation does. There is no room for pessimism at the top.

This Is Nice To See

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Isn't this a wonderful problem to have.

If this is what is considered a problem in today's Afganistan then you'ld be hard pressed to convince me that the country isn't better off than it was 4 years ago.

Miss MoneyBags Cashs In

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Suha Arafat has hit the jackpot, she has reportedly struck a pretty sweet deal with Palestinians authorities for giving them the keys to her late husband, Yasser's large stolen fortune. Full story here

The deal is reportedly as follows, a one-time payment of $20 million and $35,000 a month for life. Not bad for marrying an old goat, the best part of it all is she has hardly seen him since 2000. Which may have even made the marriage bearable.

Word from some high end shops in Paris, is that early next week Suha and Anna Nicole Smith, of similar fame, have booked times for themselves and their followings to have private shoppings sessions to spend their illgotten millions on cloths, shoes and large amounts of chocolate. Should be fun!

[ Via Neale News ]

Madonna is Retarded

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I love free speech for many reasons, and one of those reasons is that I get to listen to Madonna share her wisdom with us common folk, who have a hard time understanding what's happening in the world. She started off by saying that she wants all U.S. troops out of Iraq, A simple request. Full Story here.
"I just don't want American troops to be in Iraq, period,"
"Global terror is in California. There's global terror everywhere and it's absurd to think you can get it by going to one country and dropping tons of bombs on innocent people."
Yes indeed, truly a simple request. Why isn't this women on the payroll , why is this valuable resource going untapped, wait a second, poor choice of words. Anyway you know what I mean. Just forget for a second the consequences of pulling American troops out of Iraq at this time and focus on this statement.
"I thought very carefully about it. I thought Wesley Clark had the best leadership qualities,"
That's the thing that I really can't understand for the life of me, is that supposed lovers of peace and harmony like Madonna and Micheal Moore supported Wesley Clark for President. Did either one of them ever do a little fact checking on Clark's background, because he is the last person I'd expect any peacenik to support.

Does anyone remember Bosnia? If you do, do you remember when the Americans and the Russians were on the verge of WW3 because the Russians took over an airport that the America commander didn't want them to have? Does anyone remember the crazy with a capital C commander who was going to start that fight with the Russians over the airport? If you guessed Wesley Clark, then you'd be right.

That's what I can't understand, why do those peaceniks support a reactionary, mentally disturbed former general, that most people in the military think is a major idiot. I mean, Wes Clark makes Rummy seem calm, cool, and collected. So could somebody please explain to me why these people support Wes "Playin with Half a Deck" Clark?

I'm Pissed!

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I thought John Ashcroft was going to throw all the moonbats into prison.

His role in creating the American facist state has been an utter and total failure.

Damn him! He let me get my hopes so high...

I Think So!

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SporkGoddess posted this brilliant idea in one of the forums:
I had the best idea ever... the Communist Exchange Program.

We take the pro-capitalism people from communist countries (the ones who, y'know, risk their lives to escape them), and trade the communists in capitalist countries for them! Plenty of people for both sides... It's a win/win situation!
Brilliant! Absolutely freaking brilliant!

Imagine such a world. To all of you who support the Green Party... straight to North Korea you go. Let's see how much you love nature after a year of eating grass and bark.

Oh the justice!

Don't Doubt Their Patriotism

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You gotta love those Democrats. During the entire election they kept complaining about people questioning their patriotism. We can ignore the fact that most of their complaints were self delusions but they were convinced that they loved America as much as the average Republican.

Actually in most instances they claimed that they loved their country more.

Well if what they claimed was indeed the case why is there so much talk about immigrating to Canada or seceeding from 'red America' from those who supported Democratic candidates?

When Republicans lose an election, and they've lost plenty, their supporters never say make such suggestions.

It's just an observation. I'm not suggesting anything. Really I'm not. Really.

Freedom Of Speech

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Here is a shot from the Netherlands of a mural being removed because it offended Muslims.

Any free nation willing to accept that the phase 'Thou Shalt Not Kill' is hate speech has no ability to defend itself.

Oh The Justice!

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Quotes from Iraqi interim defence minister Hazem Sha'alan before the attack on Fallujah began last night:
"Where was Kofi Annan when Saddam was slaughtering the Iraqis like sheep?"


"Where were the calls we hear from Arab and Islamic countries when Saddam was messing up the country?"

"Those who call not to fight the criminals, we say to them, 'You are the criminals.' They are the criminals,"


"How could you shake hands with Saddam Hussein before? You were a slave to Saddam Hussein, and today you try your best to restore dictatorship and crime, but under a new umbrella -- that is the umbrella of Islam."
Should I hold my breath waiting for Kofi to respond?

Suha Arafat's Lifestyle is Familiar

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Suha Arafat lives a pretty comfortable lifestyle in Paris, away from the misery of the West Bank where her husband Yasser lives, whom I might mention, she has not seen since violence in the region started to pick up again in 2000. Suha lives on a estimated budget of 100, 000 dollars a month, but she says she deserves the money she gets, because she helps represent the Palestinian people. Imagine that, what an outrage!

Most people would agree that this is a enormous waste of money, and would not stand for this type of behavior from their leaders. But I am here to tell you different. We do let own leaders and officials get away with this type of behavior, maybe on a smaller scale, but we still do all the same. For example, how much money does Governor General Adrienn Clarkson spend while she represents Canada? Or how about Paul Martin campaigning in the countries private jet, funded by taxpayers before the last year's election?

So just remember that the next time you read a report in the newspaper about how a dictator or government official from a third world nation is pissing away the countries resources on themselves and wonder how the inhabitants of that country let them get away with such waste. It can and does happen outside the third world, if you need proof, look no further than Canada and its comfortable and cozy Liberal party.

Update @ 9:45

I know Suha Arafat is concerned that people are wanting to bury her husband while he's still alive. But she should take heart in the fact that many people are actually waiting for him to die before they start celebrating, take Dennis Miller for instance.

To start off tonight's show, Miller pulls out a bottle of bubbly in a bucket of ice, and puts it on the top of his desk. For about 10 seconds I had no idea where he was going with it, but then much to my amusement, he announces that he is just keeping it close just incase Yasser Arafat dies while he's on the air. That Dennis, he's prepared for anything.

The Next Four Years - Iraq

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Now that G.W. Bush has won the election I figured it is appropriate to throw out some ideas on what the next four years have in store for us. I'll break this down into several posts, each dealing with a specific arena of US foreign policy.

Today's, in case you couldn't figure it out, deals with Iraq.

At the top of the agenda for Iraq right now is the offensive to pacify Falluja. Prime Minister Ayad Allawi has given the go-ahead to 'clean Falluja'. Reports have US and Iraqi forces in position and ready to move against the militants:
"We're going to start at one end of the city, and we're not going to stop until we get to the other," said Lt. Col. Pete Newell, a battalion commander from the U.S. Army's 1st Infantry Division.

"If there's anybody left when that happens, we're going to turn around and we're going to go back and finish it."
Now that G.W. is secure with his second term the US can deal with the militants without listening to the lecturing of the European and Arab press. The US is now free to inflict such a severe price on the militants that I would expect militant attacks throughout the country to fall off dramatically over the next several months.

The militants have relied upon the methods used by the Vietcong decades ago. Since a military victory was impossible they instead tried to subvert the war effort from within the US. With the re-election of G.W. Bush, this strategy is nothing but a ticket straight to hell given US military superiority on the field.

The militants, like any fighting force of the past, want to win. When faced with certain death and no hope of future success, odds are that they will melt away and return to the countries from which they came. Those who remain will be dealt with accordingly.

In regards to non-military progress Chrenkoff does the topic much more justice than I ever could. If such change was taking place in any other Arab country they'ld be calling it an Arab Renaissance.

Things of course could always go off track but all indicators point towards significant progress on all fronts.

Arafat Burial Revisited

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Bob made a very reasonable suggestion yesterday that Yassar Arafat should be buried in Ramallah when he dies.

I tend to disagree and think that under no circumstances should he be buried anywhere within the Palestinian territories.

A reader was kind enough to send us this suggestion as to what should happen to Yasser's remains:
Arafat Burial Suggestion
By Dr. Pat Santy November 7, 2004

There are strong differences of opinion between Israel and the Palestinian Authority about where Yasser Arafat should be buried. Let me make a modest proposal.

But before I make my suggestion, a little history is in order. On October 7, 1985 as 69 year old disabled Leon Klinghoffer sat in his wheelchair aboard the Achilles Lauro cruise ship, four Palestinian terrorists shot then threw him overboard while his wife watched in horror. Leon and Marilyn Klinghoffer, American Jews, had been celebrating their wedding anniversary by taking this cruise.

Yasser Arafat's life was a monument to hatred, self-absorption and death. He encouraged suicide bombers and prevented any solution to the Palestinian Israeli conflict. He single-handedly over the last decades has seen to it that the Palestinian people remain poor and oppressed, while he systematically looted their wealth and destroyed their dreams. The world will not miss this bastard and the sooner he dies, the better for his people. He was his entire life a Terrorist with a capital "T".

I propose that his body be placed in a wheelchair, and that he be wheeled off the deck of some ship--possibly a garbage scow--and dumped without ceremony into the deepest part of the ocean. Preferably, his "devoted" wife can be nearby watching, if she can bestir herself from her lavish lifestyle in France.

This is what Arafat deserves. Nothing more and nothing less.
There was nothing honourable about Arafat's life. After his death, let's not pretend there was.

Red Ensign Standard

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The latest Red Ensign Standard can be found at bound by gravity.

The very best in Canadian blogging.

Beautiful Things

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For those of you in Eastern Ontario you should take a step outside tonight. The Northern Lights are putting on a wonderful show.

Bury Him in Ramallah

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The debate on the burial site of Yasser Arafat is starting to heat up now the he is in a coma and on the verge of death or just sleeping, depending on who you talk to. The Palestinians want Arafat buried in Jerusalem, the Israelis don't. As you may have guessed, I think Arafat has not earned the right to be buried to Jerusalem.

I think he should be buried in Ramallah. It would be very symbolic indeed if Arafat was buried there, where he was couped up by the Israelis after he missed a glorious opportunity for a Palestinian state offered to him by Ehud Barak in 2000-01. When Arafat again resorted to violence, when he should have been preparing his people for compromise and a solution to the situation that has plagued them.

You have to give Arafat some credit for getting the Palestinian cause support from around the world in the early years, but he never prepared his people to move beyond terrorism as a means for resolving the issue. Though his all or nothing attitude, he missed chance after chance to get a deal done, in turn letting all Palestinians and all residents of the Middle East down in the process.

A burial place for Arafat in Ramallah will be a symbol for everyone on both sides of the conflict, helping them remember all the lost opportunities Arafat was responsible for, and reminding future leaders to learn from their past mistakes, not to repeat the same ones over and over, as Arafat had done.

That's why I think Ramallah would be the ideal spot for Arafat, because its the only place he managed to lead the Palestinians, to a dead end. Hopefully future leaders will have more vision and wisdom, because all parties involved deserve better leadership than Yasser Arafat could or can provide.

Is Timing Everything?

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One of the many reasons people give for voting for G.W. Bush was that their vote was a protest against the likes of Michael Moore, Dan Rather, etc... People do not like be talked down to by celebrities, the media, or any of the other 'elite' classes. As well people were put off by the extremes that many people who supported Kerry went to. Bush is not Hitler. Christians are not extremists.

Given that Democrat's have, to a certain degree, been taken over by the radical left one has to ask how it can be saved. How can it be pulled back to the mainstream so that it doesn't insult the lives and beliefs of 30% to 40% of the American population?

One scenario that I've been thinking about is that it may not be possible to pull it back. I say this due to the influence that the Internet now has over political parties and those who form their policies.

Before the Internet, it was much easier for a party to repudiate the extreme members of their own party. They could be denyed TV coverage during the election cycle. They could be denyed a presense at party functions. Today this is not possible because of the power of the Internet and its ability to allow people to reinforce the beliefs of likeminded people. Could this cause trouble for the Democrats?

Think of it this way, people will not vote for the party of extremists. Every American (and Canadian) election has proven this. The problem is that the Internet is an echo-chamber where those who are opposed to Republican policies scream and yell at each other until they've convinced themselves that they are the only ones capable of seeing the truth.

They take part in bizarre protests making claims that 9/11 was a plot by the CIA, that Bush is worse than Hitler, on and on and on...

How many people voted against Kerry after seeing pictures and video of such protests online? Was it significant? It's a tough call to make but if I was sitting on the fence I would certainly have had second thoughts about voting for Kerry after seeing such foolishness.

The first problem the Democrats have to deal with is how it can separate themselves from these extreme views. Is this even possible given the nature of the Internet and how it can reinforce someone's views on a subject. If you don't believe the Internet tends to reinforce someone's politics then ask yourself this question: Do you consider yourself a conservative or a libertarian? I bet 9 out of 10 of you answered yes to that question. If you weren't either a conservative or libertarian odds are you wouldn't be reading this post. That is the nature of the beast, and both lefties and righties are susceptible to reading articles that they'll agree with.

Secondly the Democrats have to separate themselves from the perception that these crazies are associated with them. The simple fact is that anyone who says something critical about G.W. Bush is automatically assumed to be a Kerry supporter even if this is not truely the case. That's one of the problems with a two party system. If you're not with us then you must obviously be with the other guy. It doesn't matter if you freak the other guy out, people will assume you support him.

I titled this post 'Is Timing Everything?' because Republicans are probably just as likely to fall for this phenomenon. The problem may be the Democrat's were just unlikely enough to have their moonbats more vocal at the same time that political blogging became popular.

Is the moonbat echo-chamber something the Democrat's can separate themselves from? I guess time will tell.

My Favourite Hack

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Mark Steyn is again at his best. Explaining to Europeans about the kind of people who voted for G.W. Bush he says:
The restrictions on expression that B J Kelly sees as evidence of European enlightenment are regarded as profoundly unhealthy by most Americans. When one examines Brian Reade's anatomy of redneck disfigurements - "gun-totin', military-lovin', abortion-hatin' " - most of them are about the will to survive, as individuals and as a society. Americans tote guns because they're assertive citizens, not docile subjects of a permanent governing class. They love their military because they think there's something contemptible about Europeans preening and posing as a great power when they can't even stop some nickel'n'dime Balkan genital-severers piling up hundreds of thousands of corpses on their borders.

And, if Americans do "hate abortion", is Mr Reade saying he loves it? It's at least partially responsible for the collapsed birthrates of post-Christian Europe. However superior the EU is to the US, it will only last as long as Mr Reade's generation: the design flaw of the radical secular welfare state is that it depends on a traditionally religious society birthrate to sustain it. True, you can't be a redneck in Spain or Italy: when the birthrates are 1.1 and 1.2 children per couple, there are no sisters to shag.

What was revealing about this election campaign was how little the condescending Europeans understand even about the side in American politics they purport to agree with - witness The Guardian's disastrous intervention in Clark County. Simon Schama last week week defined the Bush/Kerry divide as "Godly America" and "Worldly America", hailing the latter as "pragmatic, practical, rational and sceptical". That's exactly the wrong way round: it's Godly America that is rational and sceptical - especially of Euro-delusions. Uncowed by Islamists, undeferential to government, unshrivelled in its birthrates, Bush's redneck America is a more reliable long-term bet. Europe's media would do their readers a service if they stopped condescending to it.
In case you weren't aware, Steyn promised to retire from writing if Bush lost the election. If Kerry would have won, the loss of Steyn's wit and wisdom would have been one of my biggest disappointments. Thank God.