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We're All Screwed

According to a study here in Ontario drinking too much water is unhealthy for you:
DRINKING WATER when you're not thirsty could be harmful to your health, according to a surprise finding of medical researchers studying the health fallout from Walkerton's tainted water tragedy. "We think we have the rare opportunity to identify a problem that will have a huge impact on the general population," Bill Clark, a kidney specialist and chair of the Walkerton Health Study, said Thursday.
Well isn't that just wonderful. So how long will it be before bottled water has health warnings on them? The government better get on this quickly before we have an epidemic of kidney disease.

Sometimes I'ld like to find the people doing these studies and just slap them a few times. We micromanage our lives enough as it is these days that we don't have to keep adding to the stupidity. A society that can worry about such things has way to much time on it's hands.

Maybe we should force people to do 10 hours of forced labour a week so that they don't have time to worry about such minutia.

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