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Finally Some Sanity

[Via Nealenews]

Why is it that Rex Murphy is the only person at the CBC who speaks sense anymore. I suspect that I probably disagree with Murphy on a lot of issues but at least he thinks through the events that Canada is faced. Today he discusses Carolyn Parrish's latest antics:
A lot of private Canadians have said a lot worse about U.S. and a whole lot about George Bush. But there's one Canadian who is not a private citizen, she's an MP who's almost worked up a whole vaudeville act built on strands of anti-Americanism and condescending or straight up insults either to the Americans themselves, "Damn Americans, I hate those bastards, coalition of the idiots," or to their president and head of state.

She doesn't hold Mr. Bush in any esteem whatsoever and seems to think it's part of her function as an MP to seek out increasingly ridiculous venues, it used to be the Mike Bullard show, to air her meagre tiny distempers. Now on the eve of the President's visit, Miss Parrish has obliged "22 Minutes" by doing a little number on a George Bush doll.

Pure enlightenment. Miss Parrish occasionally makes the claim that she's extending the debate, that she's standing up to the Americans and all sorts of noble stuff about the right to free speech. I don't know. "Idiots, damn Americans, I hate those bastards," that "22 Minutes" jig, these are words and actions that belong to the classroom show-off, the needy clown, attention getting by means of insult and crude display. They're nothing but "Look at me insulting George Bush and sticking it to the Yanks." It's juvenile, it's smug, and it's vulgar. It will amuse only very limited minds, and it will offend a great number of Americans, even those who do not support George Bush but who don't like to see their head of state derided by second rate comments and third rate stunts by one of our members of Parliament.

I don't want to see her muscled. Far from it. Let her continue to air her angry heart's content. The deeper embarrassment here is to herself, however long the realization is in coming. And one last note: A lot of people who think George Bush is the stupid party ought to visit a mirror. For "The National," I'm Rex Murphy.
Go check all of Rex's material. He's the only one worth reading at the CBC.

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