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And The Winner Is?

Thank God the actual numbers are starting to come in. Everyone, both Democrat and Republican, has been going on about the exit polls all day. According to most of the exit polls I'm one handsome devil. OK, maybe they didn't say that but they didn't say anything else either.

Since the networks drive me bonkers with their coverage of elections I'm going all out Internet this time. I'm using MegaPundit to track the current results and cross-referencing the numbers with this to try and figure out some trends. Not very scientific I know but can any of the networks out there do any better? Not likely.

Based on my method, at this time, G.W. is up in all states except West Virginia with reported numbers. This of course means nothing since the number of precincts reporting is small to none but it is a starting point I guess.

I may update with a few more comments throughout the night but I make no promises.

Congratulations to whoever wins.


Update @ 8:00pm

I agree with Spoons on this one.

Update @ 9:43pm

Well the numbers are still coming in with G.W. at 53% and Kerry at 46%. It doesn't seem too out of whack.

I've been checking out the Internet looking for the best places to find whackjobs posting comments. DailyKos isn't bad but his site doesn't seem to update very often. If anyone has any suggestions of sites to check out then drop them in the comments.

I'm still off the TV which really helps to calm a guy down. None of those party operatives telling me there guy is gonna win and generally babbling the night away. NO MORE! I can get the info I want, when I want, from whom I want.

So... you know the most entertaining part of all this will be reading the European, Canadian, and Arab media tomorrow morning if Bush wins. I imagine that will be very amusing. Oh the satisfaction! If Kerry wins... well I won't be reading any papers tomorrow.

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