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Clueless In Orange

You've got to love your average NDP supporter. Tommy Douglas won the CBC's The Greatest Canadian contest thanks to an effort by the NDP to get it's members to vote for Douglas.

How clueless must a party's supporters be that they need a recommendation from party brass in who to vote for in a TV contest? From the NDP website:
The CBC contest in search of “The Greatest Canadian” is underway and Tommy Douglas, the father of Medicare and the first federal leader of the NDP, is in the finals. All Canadians are eligible to vote. Voting for Tommy is an excellent way for all Canadians to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Tommy Douglas (October 20).

You'll also find on the NDP's website a petition against the American 'Star Wars' project. The petition says:
WE, the undersigned residents of Canada, draw the attention of the House to the following:

THAT Canadians want to build a peaceful world based on human security;

THAT supporting Star Wars would undermine Canada’s proud tradition of supporting arms control;

THAT this new weapons system is destabilizing, expensive and doesn’t work;

THAT the development of the Star Wars missile defence was only permitted by abandoning one of the world’s most important arms control treaties: the Anti Ballistic Missile Treaty.

THEREFORE, your petitioners call upon Parliament to:

ACKNOWLEDGE that Canada will not participate in a Star Wars missile defence program and strongly condemns George Bush’s destabilizing plans;

WORK with our partners in peace for more arms control and to peacefully bring an end to the production and sale of weapons of mass destruction and any material used to build them; SAY “NO” to Star Wars.
So The Great Southern Horde is going to destabilize the world with their 'crazy' plans.

My question is: Where is the petition protesting against the Russian anti-missile system? Jack? Have you been reading the news the last few weeks? The latest news is:
Russia has successfully tested a modernised anti-ballistic missile at a range in the former Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan, its defence ministry says.

The A-135 missile is said to have successfully hit a training target.

The test suggests Russia has a working system in place around Moscow as the US presses ahead with the deployment of its new anti-ballistic missile (ABM).
My God! The Russians are destabilizing the world!

What a bunch of idiots these NDP'ers are. They are so obsessed with their anti-Americanism that they totally ignore this developement in Russia.

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