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Please Spare Us

I went to a United Church most of my life. Until a few years ago I wouldn't say that I had any great complaints about it. The place was kid friendly and for the most part all the people were wonderful.

Today it's a different story. I've been in a United Church only once in the last 5 years. I have no intention of ever going back.

The first problem for me was the desire of some congregations to perform same-sex marriages. I'm against same-sex marriage but if it was enacted in a democratic manner and was not imposed on any congregations (i.e. civil ceromonies only) then I could live with it. How could I not. But, I would not be part of a congregation that voluntarily choose to sanctify such a ceromony.

Today we find out that the 'servants of God' who minister to the United Church are planning to unionize. Now regardless of whether you believe in God, or whether you are a union supporter or not, does it not seem bizarre that a minister would want to unionize?

I can hear Peter, Paul, etc... now: 'Yes, Lord Jesus, we would love to spread the gospel. Unfortunately though due to inflation and rising transportation costs two sheckels a day just won't do. Three sheckels is a minimum, plus vacation pay, and a pension plan would be nice as well.'

Jesus would likely reply: 'Wha? Guys. I think there has been a small miscommunication.'


The prospect of United Church ministers demanding higher wages from their congregations is downright wacky. I'm not in any way saying that they may not deserve higher pay. Certainly not. But still.

Worse still if this plan goes ahead, will be the added incentive for the federal government to get involved in the affairs of religous groups. Once ministers become 'employees' with the right to unionize it isn't much of a stretch for the government to require them to be treated like, and have the responsibilities of, all employees in Canada. If the rest of us can't speak out against issues of morality in our workplace then common sense says that similar restrictions will be placed on a ministers workplace. Your Church.

And regardless if congregations can't afford the higher wages that unionized ministers demand... well you can always bring in this guy.

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