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Addressing The Democratic Deficit

Paul Martin made a big deal about addressing the democratic deficit in Canada during the last election campaign. And what has he done since taking office. Well nothing of course which is just about what I figured he would do.

Paul Martin has a golden opportunity to reinforce democratic values in our country by appointing some of Alberta's 'senators in waiting' that will be elected in the provincial election. Martin's response to this is:
I have long been an advocate of Senate reform. However, I do not believe, Mr. Speaker, that doing Senate reform piecemeal really would bring us the desired result. In fact, what it would quite well do is, in fact, simply exacerbate a number of the problems.

So, Mr. Speaker, what I think we should to is to look at Senate reform but look at it in its entirety.
What is the desired result Martin speaks of here? A senate dominated by Liberal appointees?

And how exactly does appointing these 'senators in waiting' not bring about the desired result? The desired result is to have a more representative senate through direct elections. Isn't it?

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