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Liberal Exxxonomics

The Liberal Party is once again doing it's best to improve Canada's economic performance.

Worried about the economic prospects of the erotic dancing industry, Immigration Canada has taken it upon themselves to bail out the industry:
New Democratic MP Pat Martin yesterday accused two top aides of Immigration Minister Judy Sgro of issuing a "thinly veiled" threat to deny ministerial permits to his constituents if he criticized her conduct in granting a Canadian-resident permit to a Romanian stripper.

Mr. Martin said he was afraid to question Ms. Sgro's handling of the controversy after he received calls from Marc Khouri, the director of parliamentary affairs in her office, and another senior aide, Rene Ouellet.

He claims Ms. Sgro's advisors read a list of applications for temporary-resident permits from people in his Winnipeg Centre riding and implied they would be denied if he attacked her in the Commons for fast-tracking the stripper's application after she worked on Ms. Sgro's election campaign.

"I kept my mouth shut so far because I don't want to lose my ability to get ministerial permits when I need them," Mr. Martin said in an interview. "The thinly veiled message there was if you enjoy being able to achieve ministerial permits, you should stop criticizing this ministerial permit. You would to be an idiot not to read between the lines."

His allegations came as Ms. Sgro faced another day of intense questioning in the Commons and told reporters there was "a labour market need" for importing foreign exotic dancers.

"It's an industry that is in Canada. You have to recognize that it is," she said. "Otherwise, you'd have to wipe out the whole industry."
This is simply another example of the Liberal Party having gone off it's meds. Canada needs more strippers? Really.

I wonder how funny Judy Sgro finds all of this. She doesn't actually take herself seriously does she? Could she? With a straight face Ms. Sgro can actually tell us that the strippers applications wasn't fast tracked after working on Ms. Sgro's election campaign. These people are beyond belief.

I've read about Canada having a shortage of doctors, scientists, and high-tech workers. Never have I read in any Canadian newspaper about stripclubs going out of business due to a lack of workers. Perhaps I'm reading the wrong newspapers.

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