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Nice Van

I posted this in a comment to one of Bob's posts but I just had to mention it again here since I was so impressed.

The weather driving home from Ottawa today totally sucked. It was wet, slippery, and all around nasty. Anyways, we're about halfway home and I noticed the van just ahead of us had something written all over the back of it. We get a bit closer and what do I see but 'Tired of being fucked by the government'.

The first thought to go through my head was... awesome!

Then we notice that there was more written on the side so we speed up a bit and am greeted with 'We used to sent criminals to jail now we elect them' and 'Drop your pants, bend over, and grab your ankles'.


The better-half assumed it was some friend of mine which unfortunately it wasn't.

Van guy. If you're out there let me know. I'll take you out for a few beers.

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