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Does This Make Any Sense?

According to a poll conducted recently most Canadians believe university tuition should be free:
Most Canadians believe tuition fees are too high, and half say they want increases in federal spending on post-secondary education to go toward reducing tuition, a new poll shows.

Two out of three polled said tuition fees have reached an unacceptable level, while one in two said the federal government should provide a free university or college education to any qualified student who can't afford it.

Nearly seven in 10 said Ottawa should increase the amount it spends on post-secondary education. And many disagree with how the government now targets its spending: if Ottawa were to increase spending, fully half said the top priority should be reducing tuition. That response was well ahead of support for research funding, at 13 per cent.
Now did I miss something here? The intro to the article tells us that 50% of Canadians want university to be free. Then in the above quote the article says half want increased federal spending to reduce tuition. And then:
When asked to indicate the best way Ottawa could ensure all qualified people can get a post-secondary education, 30 per cent said to increase funding so tuition can be lowered - the most popular response.
So 30% want lower tuition costs and the author of this article somehow twists that to mean 50% want free tuition? What am I missing here?

The article also says that that Canadians think people who can't afford a university education should be able to get one for free. Excuse me but how many 18 year old kids can afford a university education? None of them can. That is why we provide student loans. You study now. Get a job later. Then pay off the loan. Where is the rocket science in this?

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