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The Red Ensign Brigade #20

So it seems that the time has come that canadiancomment provided the bi-weekly roundup of the best in Canadian bloggery. This entry will cover postings from April 12 to April 24 and will cover everything from the Gomery Inquiry to the selection of Benedict XVI as Pope.

Like everything else in life if you wait to do it at the last minute something will come up and bite you in the ass. So here I am late on a Sunday night trying to slap together a reasonable introduction to the Standard. Like every great plan I have, work has reared it's ugly head and has kept me busy all weekend so that instead of getting a good nights sleep I'm writing this. So considering that I'll keep it short so that priority is given to what is important which is of course the blogs.

Anyways, as is tradition I guess I should provide a little background on ourselves and why we joined the Red Ensign Brigade.

Well Bob and I are childhood buddies who grew up on opposite sides of the street from each other. We are both from the western end of Prince Edward Island though only Bob is lucky enough to still call the Island home. Sadly, like so many other Islanders, I had to move to the mainland in search of food and shelter. I currently call Ottawa home and all I can say is that the stink from Parliament Hill is killing me.

canadiancomment joined the Red Ensign blogroll for the simple reason that we found the group to be genuinely interested in improving our country. Naturally we have differences of opinion amongst ourselves about how to do this but the tone is, for the most part, positive and respectful. Those qualities can be very difficult to find in the blogosphere and they are why we're proud to be members of the Brigade.

You know, now that I've sat down to write this, it's quite difficult to write an introduction when you are writing on behalf of a group blog. These introductions are usually of a personal nature and it doesn't see fair to write like that when Bob contributes as much to this blog as I do.

So with that, Bob and I are pleased to present you with the Red Ensign Brigade XX:

Rue @ Abraca-Pocus! is busy answering your questions. As well, if Rue ever invites you over to dinner, do not hang out in her kitchen.

Ith @ Absinthe & Cookies took a week off to visit her parents in Utah. Russ seems to think Ith is up to no good and will provide updates if he hears anything on the police scanner.

Paul frozen in montreal gives us this hilarious post at the expense of Paul Martin and the French army. Also check out this gem on Paul Martin's little publicity stunt.

Angry in the Great White North has some great details on the gag order put in place to cover up the the shenanigans of Calgary Police Services chief Jack Beaton. After the gag order put on testimony at the Gomery Inquiry this case should be of particular concern to all of us. And speaking of the Gomery Inquiry, what's the buzz about judicial appointments?

DirtCrashrAnthroblogogy has a wonderful new addition to his family. I can't imagine the rounds for the K31 are cheap but hey, I'm the type of guy who buys the cheapest rounds he can find.

John @ Argghhh! finds us a cop who probably shouldn't be armed. Though it has nothing to do with Canada, you should also check out this great post about U.S. military spending.

Damian @ Babbling Brooks shows us how to discuss gay-marriage in a civilized manner. That, plus a post about Jean Chretien's legacy, what more could you ask for?

Huck @ BumfOnline used his sources to get his hands on this letter written by Paul Martin himself. He also calls Paul Martin on his blatant act of self promotion in the face of adversity.

Andrew @ bound by gravity promotes a contest for the best blog in Ottawa. Andrew thinks he may need more coffee but may have come up with a idea for a deck of cards that could be a real money maker.

Bob @ canadiancomment has proposed a letter writing campaign. Meanwhile Dana has been discussing healthcare here and here.

Rebecca @ doxology has been contemplating whether her blog fits in with the rest of the Red Ensign Brigade. If I was in a position to speak on behalf of the Brigade, I would say that Rebecca's writing has a personal flavour that would surely be missed from the blogroll. And lets be serious, there is more to being Canadian than whining about politics day-in-and-day-out. On the other hand, I've heard a rumor that the Red Ensign Brigade models itself after the mafia and that once you're part of the family...

And before you leave doxology check out this touching post on the use of contraception.

Darcey @ dustmybroom discusses Canadian patriotism or the lack thereof. Check out his challenge in the same post. He also lays the smack down on scumbag Paul Watson.

Alan @ Gen X at 40 has had a busy couple of weeks. First he met God while having lunch and then spent some time contemplating the meaning of life. I haven't quite figured out what the title to that last post is supposed to mean but I'm sure it's quite profound.

James @ Hammer into Anvil gives us some good advise: don't trust other people with your money! James would also like a few answers from wishy washy Liberals.

John The Mad has a bizarre or disturbing (take your pick) story of his son's trip to city hall. Personally, I would blame the entire episode on the fact that he lives in Toronto but just in case John likes the city I think I'll keep my mouth shut. After all, annoying a guy with the last name of Mad probably wouldn't be the best idea I've had lately. John also takes a bite out of Christopher Hitchens for his take on Pope John Paul II.

Glenda @ Just Between us Girls discusses correspondence between Paul Martin and Claude Boulay. She also provides a sweet quote from a typical scary conservative.

keith @ Minority of One isn't the least bit impressed with European foreign policy and wonders if Jacques Parizeau was right when he claimed the last Quebec referendum was lost due to dirty tricks.

Hayz @ Musing show us what happens when part of society values human life less than that of our aquatic friends. He also takes a moment to discuss the life of Jane Fonda.

myrick has a great collection of photos from the anti-Japanese protests that took place in China last week. Also check out the post on the Chinese automobile industry and the pictures of the Shanghai Autoshow.

Nathan's Updates from Seoul deals with the frustrations of teaching English to both kids and adults. This sounds very familiar to me as my wife taught English in Hong Kong for three years. And if you have ever wanted to ride a subway in Seoul, you may want to reconsider after seeing this.

Curt @ North Western Winds has a terrific post about religion and Canadian politics. As well if you want to get in touch with your inner European, this is the place to do it.

Alan @ OCCAM'S CARBUNCLE has put on his professors hat and is giving us a math lesson. He also reports about "The Man Who Would Be A Brush" who may have a bit of a brown tinge in his bristles. Do you think he's talking about Paul Martin by any chance?

Nicholas @ Quotulatiousness discusses the impact of economic regulation. And Nicholas also gives us advice on sending a deserving soldier a care package. Check out the roundup of the NFL draft as well.

Ray @ Raging Kraut was having flashbacks from his youth. Luckily Ray recovers in time to comment on the new Pope (Pope should always be capitalized shouldn't it?).

Paul @ Ravishing Light highlights a really stupid idea by the Calgary Police Service. As he says, it seems like a trend. As well, Paul offers some good advice to Jack Layton

Peter @ Rempelia Prime has what you'll not find anywhere else on the Red Ensign blogroll: fond memories of the Chretien era. Stick a spoon in my eye but I have to agree with him.

Stephen Taylor gives us the Liberal seats most at risk due to Adscam. He also peers into the future and brings us this CBC broadcast.

Chris @ Striving Against Opposition takes the left to task for it's economic policies. Chris also points out that it is a really good time to be a Tory.

VW @ The Files of the Phantom Observer found that the Liberals are making fools of themselves on the world stage. VW also hadns out a Ken Epp Award nomination to Monto Solberg for beating a metaphor to death. Tom Lukiwski also grabs a nomination for his gross exaggeration of the current Liberal scandal.

Jay @ The Freeway To Serfdom has a wonderful post about how otherwise normal people lose their freaking minds. Jay also makes the point that stealing from others is never the 'responsible' thing to do.

Kate @ The Last Amazon isn't very impressed with the latest handiwork of the Ontario government. She also points out that it isn't all roses just yet between Israel and the Palestinians.

Lisa @ The London Fog gives a few pointers so that us guys can keep our rods in tip-top shape. Lisa also shows us the coolest road sign you'll ever see. MAPMASTER meanwhile introduces us to the latest in Liberal slogans.

The Meatriarchy highlights an amusing chicken incident. Meat also shows us the socialist thinking behind many religious textbooks.

Walsingham @ The Monarchist admires the virtues of Tony Blair and warns the United Kingdom about further integration with the European Union.

The Monger takes the CBC to task for sloppy reporting. Like the rest of us, he also finds it amusing that the Liberals are concerned about wasting our tax dollars.

Ben @ The Tiger in Winter reminds us that the world is a much better place than people like Heather Mallick would have us believe. He also provides some interesting election projections.

The Mad Sister @ The Unwinding Road has gone on hiatus but there is no need to panic as she has promised to return.

tipper @ tipperography has identified a new medical condition and she also found her own political manifesto.

After a long hiatus is seems that Jaeger of Trudeaupia has returned. His latest post deals with certain government suppliers who get preferencial treatment.

Sue @ Turning 30 and a half comtemplates how the single transferable vote will affect elections in British Columbia. She also provides her thoughts on the health care reforms presented by Preston Manning and Mike Harris.

Temujin at West Coast Chaos introduces us to the latest fad in blogging: Bunny Blogging! Should I consider this a welcome development or another sign of the approaching apocalypse? Temujin also explains his day job and gives us some valuable advice all within one post. Not bad at all.

Update @ 5:50pm

First off, I'ld like to welcome all Instapundit readers to the Red Ensign Standard.

I also want to mention that I made a few minor corrections to the text. I also tried to change the name of the post to 'The Red Ensign Standard #20' and I nearly had a heart attack after Blogger changed the permalink to the post. Thank heavens I was able to undo the change or I suspect the other Red Ensign bloggers would have been flaming me for weeks. Now I can relax...


Babbling Brooks said...

Well done, gents!

Temujin said...

Thanks fellas!

the monarchist said...

Hats off from the Monarchist. Good work, guys!

Gordon Pasha said...

Good show! This will certainly help me to get updated on the goings on at lots of Canadian blogs. Have probably missed lots while trying to keep up with scandal upon scandal upon ...

Sue said...

Great job! =)

Rebecca said...

Great job, thanks guys - and no worries, I have no plans to leave the Brigade; the mafia thing freaked me out ;)

Anonymous said...

No mystery at all!

[sung in loud opera voice]

Happy-a birthaday to-a meeee,
Happy-a birthaday to-a meeee,
I look-a like a mon-kan-nee
I smelly like-a the monkey, tooooo!

[end on highest falsetto note you can muster.]

Good work on the Standard!


Dana said...

Aha! And the mystery is solved!

DirtCrashr said...

This is really an amazing group and a huge undertaking, I light a tiki-torch and blow the conch shell to your favor. Brass for the K-31 may have to wait a bit.

Rhetoric said...

I'm interested in joining the Red Ensign blogroll. Can one just sign up or does one have to be selected?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Dana said...

You could either send us an envelope stuffed with cash your you could contact The Raging Kraut at who would probably do it for free.

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