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Same Old, Same Old

The first rule of politics is that when you are in trouble you should try and change the conversation. Liberal's of course are masters of this art. During the last election, Paul Martin couldn't shut up about healthcare and aircraft carriers.

Anyways, with Stephen Harper turning up the heat due to Adscam, Paul Martin has decided that healthcare is his number one concern:
The two leaders traded blows, with Mr. Harper referring to Mr. Martin as a national joke, while the Prime Minister accused the Conservatives of hopping into bed with the separatists and of being out to destroy public health care.

Damaging testimony at the Gomery inquiry into the sponsorship scandal has ratcheted up election speculation, prompting workers for all parties to prepare for what many believe is a looming vote.

The most controversial comment came inside the House of Commons. Jason Kenney, a Conservative MP from Calgary, said Mr. Martin may have perjured himself when he testified before the sponsorship inquiry that he did not know Claude Boulay, former president of the advertising firm Groupe Everest, very well.

"There is now testimony that the Prime Minister may, frankly, have perjured himself, that he may have had lunch with Mr. Boulay, one of the principal scamsters in the ad scam," Mr. Kenney told MPs during another raucous session of Question Period.

Groupe Everest was one of the largest recipients of sponsorship contracts.

Mr. Kenney's allegation flowed from the testimony of a former lobbyist for Groupaction, Alain Renaud, who said he witnessed a conversation between Mr. Martin and Mr. Boulay over lunch at a Liberal convention.

Earlier, Mr. Harper asked the Prime Minister repeatedly to acknowledge the incident.

Mr. Martin did not answer directly, pointing instead to his testimony at the commission, in which he said Mr. Boulay was an acquaintance.
Relax there Paul. Healthcare can't be any more messed up than you've allowed it to become. Plus no has ever been able to explain to me why Canada should be following Cuba's lead when it comes to healthcare.

Anyways, Martin could certainly find his ass in a sling due to this testimony. Martin's only defence in this entire matter is that he wasn't personally involved in any of the shenanigans. If that turns out to be false then the Liberal hope that this scandal will fade away like all the others won't likely work out.

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St. John said...

Me thinks the Liberal ship is sinking fast. Will the Captain have the honor of going down with it or will he elbow his way to the lifeboats all the while knocking his shipmates into the water?

The answer is so obvious.