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To Paul with Love

Are you angry at the Liberal Party of Canada and want a way to express that anger even before you get a chance to do it at the ballot box, for their involvement in the sponsorship scandal? If so, I have a fun little idea for a mail in campaign, so that you the taxpayer, can show them just how angry you are over their behavior.

My idea for the mail in campaign, is to mail envelopes stuffed with monopoly money to Paul Martin's office.

Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington St.
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0A2

Because we all know how much the Liberal party likes envelopes stuffed with money, so we might as well help them out and all send one. But don't forget to put a note in the envelope too, because you have to request something from them in return for your envelope stuffed with cash. From what we have been hearing, that's how things work inside of the Liberal machine.

So if you think this is a good idea and would also like to see the Prime Minister receive a boat load of envelopes stuffed with play money, you can help out by spreading the idea around. I simply don't have the means myself to get the message out to enough people to make the mail in campaign a success, so I'd appreciate all the help you can give. You could link this post at your own sites, or even get the MSM involved, every little bit will help. Thanks.

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Safiyyah said...

But what about if I consider my Monopoly money too precious to waste on them Liberals?!

Dana said...


I would suggest one of two things:

1) Make your own money! What could be more fun, heck if you know any kids get them to do it for you. Get them to make money with pictures of Paul Martin on it.

2) Take your monopoly money and rip it in two pieces. Send Martin one half of it along with your request for what you want in exchange for the 'bride'. Tell him that once he meets his part of the bargain you'll send him the other half of it. Of course the more obsurd your request the greater the effect this will have. Ask for something stupid such as having the world's largest ball of twine delivered to your house by next Wednesday.

Bubba said...

with this going on in Calgary, with the chief of police , I wonder , is it not our civil duties to report wrong doings ?
but if it is the police doing the wrongs ,who do we report to?
is it just me , or does it seem like the chief of police has something to hide???

Grook said...

I'm gonna ask for a sleeve of Jean Chretien's golf balls. After all, I helped pay for them!