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Sweet Suffering! - Redux

First the Ontario provincial government goes out of its way to do something based on common sense and now the Supreme Court is doing the same:
The Supreme Court of Canada ruled Thursday that a prohibition on private health insurance in Quebec contravenes the constitutional rights of people in that province.

The lengthy and complex ruling was a year in the making and was closely watched by people on both sides of the healthcare issue because of its implications for public and private care in Canada.

In a decision handed down Thursday, the country's highest court contravenes Quebec's charter of rights.

"In sum, the prohibition on obtaining private health insurance is not constitutional where the public system fails to deliver reasonable services," the court found.
The devil must be wearing a parka at this very moment.

It will be interesting to see how the Liberals deal with this. Will they just brush their hands with this court ruling, as they have done concerning gay-marriage, and claim that there is nothing they can do? Or will they fight it tooth and nail?

Oh, the linguistic gymnastics will be entertaining.

Let's just pray that this victory for free choice will eventually be applied to all provinces and territories.

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Anonymous said...

This kind of judicial activism just makes me sick!

Oh, sorry. I thought the judge ruled the other way. Never mind.

ld said...

I have a feeling your commenter is Robert McClelland. He linked to you.

Dave T. said...

I wish the courts would stay out of this and stop legislating from the bench. Parliament and the legislatures should decide these issues, not the courts.