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Sweet Suffering!

The Ontario government is actually considering legislation that may actually be useful:
Employees in Ontario could choose when they want to leave the work force under long-awaited legislation that would ban mandatory retirement at age 65.

The Ontario government unveiled the proposed legislation Tuesday while pledging to protect workers' existing rights to pension, early retirement and benefit plans.

Ending mandatory retirement would allow workers to choose when they want to retire, based on their lifestyles, circumstances and priorities, and allow those who wish to continue to work past age 65 to do so, Labour Minister Chris Bentley said.
The only change or addition I would make to this legislation is that the mandatory retirement age should be increased slowly to at least 67 or 68 years of age. Heck, when Frederick the Great introduced paid retirement hardly anyone lived to the ripe old age of 65.

As our lives are extended, it is only a matter of time before the retirement age of 65 will have to be adjusted.

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