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Very Classy

It seems that the Liberal Party never fails to amaze. Now that, the proverbial shit has hit the proverbial fan as Bob so eloquently put it, the Liberal Party is doing whatever is possible to deflect blame:
“Testimony provided by Jean Brault, as well as certain statements made by Bernard Thiboutot, now assert improper practices did occur. These assertions may harm the interests of the Liberal Party,” the request says.

The Liberal request repeats key elements of Mr. Brault's testimony that cannot be reported. It then states: “Based on the aforementioned assertions — and any similar such claims that may emerge in future testimony — the Liberal Party has taken the additional step of asking the RCMP to investigate whether the party was also [a] victim of such collusion.”
Isn't this like the rapist complaining that the victim wore a short skirt? You twits were lining each others pockets!

The same Paul Martin who is now doing everything within his power to cover his ass had this to say over a year ago:
Martin repeatedly declared he intended to get to the bottom of the scandal, which has seen the Liberals drop in the polls nine percentage points to 39 per cent in a matter of days.

He said he came into public life to make a contribution, and he will do everything in his power to overhaul government to make it more open and accountable -- otherwise, he will get out.
A contribution to what exactly? To his friends pocketbooks? Arg!

I just wish a reporter would ask Martin how the Liberal Party's latest actions intend to achieve what he promised before the election. I'll be patiently waiting...

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