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Sponsorship Inquiry Buzz II

As you may have noticed in the last couple of days, the shit storm surrounding the sponsorship inquiry has been upgraded to a tropical storm from a rain shower after lasts week's testimony. But due to the publication ban, yes we do live in a open and free democracy, we still don't know for sure what was actually said during the inquiry. Hopefully we'll hear something concrete soon.

But the news must be bad though, because today the Prime Minister, Paul Martin, called in the RCMP to get to the bottom of things. But its not what you think folks, our beloved PM is playing the victim card on us, he's not actually trying to get to the bottom of things for our benefit. The Prime Minister is now in full damage control and he wants us to believe that the Liberal party is a victim of fraud. Full story here

If Mr. Martin and the bigwigs in the Liberal party believed their own bullshit in the first place, that they didn't know anything about the misused funds. Why didn't Mr. Martin get the RCMP involved from the get go, instead of wasting more money on the inquiry? If the Liberals were the true victims, not the taxpayer, where was the criminal investigation at the beginning of this whole mess?

Anyway, quite a few of us know why there was no investigation to begin with, the Liberals were hoping that the shit storm would past them by, but as we can clearly see now, the eye of the storm is getting closer and closer.

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Update @ 11:57 PM

For an interesting post that compares Paul Martin's actions of today and Richard Nixon's back in 1974, than check out this headline, President Nixon calls in FBI to investigate possible fraud perpetrated against Republican party. Sound Familiar?

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