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Canadian Content

So it seems that the Canadian government found it necessary to use my tax dollars to tell us that vegetables are healthy for us. Actually, the government only found it necessary to mention this detail to our Quebec neighbours. Can any of you Quebecors out there let me know if this was news to any of you? How do you feel with your improved diets?

I guess though that if desperate, the government could claim the ads were necessary to help Quebec radio stations to meet their Canadian content limits. Heck, if the CBC can use my tax dollars to pay for the sindication rights to The Simpsons this wouldn't be much of a stretch. And ignore for a moment the fact that you can watch The Simpsons on about 70 other channels, what would be left of Canadian culture without the CBC and the good graces of your government?

Oh the horrors... I shudder just thinking about it.

[Via Minority of One]

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GMO said...

Simpsons? What about Coronation Street or the CBC Antiques Roadshow channel (I think the official name is "CBC Newsworld")? Telling Canadian stories, indeed...