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Getting Into Gear

We are slowly starting to see the gears of liberals and progressives trying to turn the tragedy in Mayerthorpe into a legislative opportunity.

As Bob said a few days ago we had a former Liberal telling us that if marijuana was legalized that the four officers may still be alive. And today we have Thomas S. Axworthy telling us what a great job the gun registry did in preventing this crime.

If it sounds confusing well it is. Axworthy first tells us:
Gun-related violence stalks the land. Last Thursday, four Mounties were killed in central Alberta, the force's biggest loss of life in 120 years.
Without missing a beat he gradually works his way to:
Initiated by Allan Rock and implemented by Anne McLellan, the registry has been a stunning success, yet it has been given terrible press. Liberals have allowed the Conservatives to define the debate and it is time to retake the high ground.
I know that we are on the topic of marijuana here but does Axworthy have to smoke the stuff before he writes this blather?

First off we have had the "forces biggest loss of life in 120 years". Fine. If the gun registry was such a bleeding success why did this happen now? Shouldn't the gun registry have prevented this? Axworthy apparently doesn't care to tell us.

I also love how Axworthy is all worked up that the gun registry have been given "terrible press". Are events like those in Mayerthorpe the "terrible press" he is talking about?

I honestly can't believe that people like Axworthy get paid to write this foolishness.

Anyways, for a complete fisking check out Let It Bleed.

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