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Nick Taylor is a Moron

Nick Taylor, a former senator and onetime leader of the Liberals in Alberta has weighed in on the tragic deaths of four RCMP officers that were gunned down while investigating a marijuana grow operation in the province yesterday, he thinks the officers could possibly still be alive today.
"I'm not saying that the four men would be alive if we had legalized marijuana, but I suspect they might be."
That's just plain stupid, RCMP officers have been killed in the line of duty investigating more than just crimes involving marijuana, does that mean they should give up trying to prosecute any criminals at all if there is danger involved?

Maybe Canada should legalize crack cocaine too, or maybe they should stop arresting murders or rapists the next time an RCMP officer gets killed trying to bring someone to justice. Wouldn't the scumbag criminals like that, kill a cop and the government will legalize the activity they were participating in? That would teach em to obey the law.

[Via Neale News ]


TimR said...

I'm getting angry at the media and the Liberals that keep spinning this story as a marijuana grow-op issue. The marijuana grow-op is only incidental to the main story of another failure of our justice system. This killer had a rap sheet that was the proverbial "as long as your arm". The courts just kept putting him back into the community.

Meanwhile our vaunted gun registry system did nothing to stop this horrid event. The weapon used was a semi-automatic assault rifle, no doubt unregistered.

Colleen Myrol, mother of one of the slain officers, today spoke with more clarity on the justice issue than all of our Liberal politicians combined.

Michael said...

Was Nick Taylor smoking at the time they asked for his reaction?

My thoughts and prayers go out to those that were murdered in the line of duty.

Sue said...

It worries me that people like Nick Taylor get the ear of the press. So, by his reasoning, if everyone's doing it, it must be ok? Beyond the fact that the grow-op part was only a small part of this, I am amazed that the media isn't really touching on the fac that 4 POLICEMEN are dead!! Killed by a lunatic with a gun he had no business owning.