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Oh, Canada

The picture says it all:



Anonymous said...

Get yourself an antimissile program base on ballistic and in no time it will be outwitted. This is a pure waste of time and money. Until you use a better technology, international aid is a better insurance.

Dana said...

I guess my first question would be that if it is such a waste of money why have countries such as Britain, Australia, Denmark, Japan, etc... signed on to the deal? What do you know that they don't?

As well, regional missile defense systems are already in place by many countries. If regional can work why can't BMD?

Also, are you aware that all research and developement involves working on problems and systems that do not currently work? Are you opposed to ALL research or just research that involves somethings the Americans want?

As well, you seem to think that BMD is unproven. That is fine but what proof is there that 'international aid is a better insurance'?

There is no correlation between poverty and a military threat. None. Zippo.

But hey if it makes you feel better...

Anonymous said...

Yeah international aid is better... Even though they continuously use you as a propaganda tool for all their problems. And when and if you finally cut them off they start committing acts of terrorism to get what they want.