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My Idea: Club His Sorry Ass

Well it seems Paul McCartney has decided to grace lovely P.E.I. with his wisdom and good looks:
Longtime animal rights activists Paul McCartney and his wife Heather Mills arrived in Prince Edward Island on Wednesday to lend their star power to the campaign to end Canada's seal hunt.

The former Beatles musician hopes to take his wife, a contingent of international media, and animal-rights activists to a barren stretch of ice in the Gulf on Thursday to catch a glimpse of newborn seal pups.

McCartney wants to "highlight the work of two animal protection groups to stop the Canadian seal hunt," according to the Humane Society of the United States.

My advice to any Islanders that may come across his path is to wack him over the head with the largest object within reach.

The poor guy apparently has nightmares at night about the suffering of poor seals in Canada's east coast. He seems to care less about the livelihoods of the people dependent on the seals for their income.

That of course isn't of any interest to Paul because lets be honest... there wouldn't be any photo-ops involved.

Regardless Paul here is my proposition to you... if you want to save the seals then it only seems fair that you should replace the lost income to all the families affected.

Why exactly should they suffer for your ego?


Gareth said...

I used to have a stuffed seal as a toy when I was a kid.

Dumb stars.

Moose Hunter said...

Dana, you're right on! There's far too many uneducated, egocentric, rich loudmouths in the media these days.

Clown Party of Canada said...

"He seems to care less about the livelihoods of the people dependent on the seals for their income."

This quote sums up the whole problem of the seal hunt. If Paul told thhese seal hunters that he would compensate them financhally and not to kill the seals many of te men would not. It's not the best job in the world but at least they make enough to feed teir families. The same goes for the " ... two animal protection groups to stop the Canadian seal hunt" They should be paying these men for not hunting if they feel seriously about protecting te seals.

In my traves throughout canada I have not met a "seal hunter", but I wonder ... Do they take much of the meat home to feed their famalies? (Remember: the only dumb question are te ones not asked.) I ask this, because since John Crosby shut down the east coast cod fishing it became harder to mke a liing. (bad conservitive - he did not even offer them any jobs to replace the ones lost.) These people are doing a honest, legal, job - just lik growing tobacco - even though it has proven to be dangerous to health - as long as it is legal, don't stop them.

I also understand that if thhe seal population would continue to grow without this event then they [the seals] would be extreemly hard on the fishing indutry. Perhaps Paul should take sveral of these babies home with him - see how he feels in a few months.

I think these "two animal protection groups" should do some protesting about the "babies" that are not born if they value life so much.

Bob said...

Keep killing the seals no matter what, if the population gets out of control, they'll eat everything in the sea and then everyone in the region will be out of work, including my ass.

Dana said...

What line of work is your ass involved in anyways?

Sorry... please don't answer that.

Jason said...

If God doesn't want us to eat seals then why does He make them out of meat?

Mmmmm. Meat.

Anonymous said...

If it is any consolation to you, Paul is the next in line to push up daisies.
Sadly the magical, mystical 60’s generation is coming to an end. The generation of the lost is taking over, for what that’s worth. We may well be living in the last biblical pages. So cheer up and indulge an old and faded glory in his last hurrah.