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The Grim Endpoint Of Public Healthcare

Over in Britian we have a story that chills me to my bones:
A baby at the centre of a landmark case over whether life support can be withdrawn has an "intolerable life", the High Court has heard.

Baby MB, who cannot be named, has spinal muscular atrophy - a genetic condition which leads to almost total paralysis - and cannot breathe unaided.

Doctors treating the 17-month-old say it is in his best interests to withdraw ventilation and to let him die.

But his family says he has a reasonable quality of life and should stay alive.

They feel he can recognise and respond to them, and that he gains enjoyment from spending time with his family.

You heard that right. A family has to go to court to prevent a doctor from killing their 17-month old son!

I'm sure it isn't uncommon for a doctor to develope some sort of God complex but this is plain nuts. For a doctor, a fully grown adult I might add, to tell a child's parents that the child wants to die seems to me to be the stuff of some sick horror story.

And to think that the parents have to sit in a courtroom and listen to this is plain sickening.


Roberta said...

This makes me so heartsick. A classic example of how to compound a mother and father's grief until it is unbearable. A system that lacks the biggest of all healers - a healing aura of comfort and care -- and shared concern for life.

I often wonder if I got sick would I sense that comfort I felt when I was a child, when so sick and weak I gave myself up to my mother's care with utter confidence, or would I just be feeling a distinct dark aura of distrust of my caregivers closing in on me as I hear them saying, "just up the morpheine".

Jeff said...

And if it was up to McGuinty, he could just harvet the organs that are still functioning (without permission) and everything would be just honkey dory.

Brian Lemon said...

This is the UK - have no real knowledge or opinion on their health care standards.
I assume that the parents desire for the costs of keeping their child alive artifically should be assumed by the public system (I may be wrong - perhaps they are prepared to assume this cost).
In Canada, we ration our health care.
Presumably, under our system, dollars spent on treating a child that cannot survive on its own are dollars that cannot be spent on a child that could survive on its own without life support.
Should the state pay the cost of this health care until this child is, say seventy? Or only til puberty, or only old enough to vote?
Again, we ration care in a public system. Physicians need to practice triage, and not apply their
resources in a way they do not believe is most valuable overall.

Anonymous said...

Power trip hungry Mr. S Harper does not want me to complain about Canada's Medicare
wants now also to shut me up as well an ordinary citizen? Get real!

To The Hon. Michael M. Fortier, P.C., Senator
Minister of Public Works and Government Services

Parliament Hill: Senate of Canada Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A4
Department: Public Works and Government Services
Place du Portage, Phase III, Room 18A1 11 Laurier Street
Gatineau, Quebec
K1A 0S5
Telephone: (819) 997-5421 Fax: (819) 956-8382

Please note that MOORE, James, B.A. Parliamentary Secretary Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Public Works and Government Services is abusing me, falsely denying my right of free speech to all the members of Parliament. Please deal now with him and RSVP. On top of that I a Montrealer from Quebec and that is really all unacceptable. Did this meet your approval too? I mailed my compliant now to all of Canada's MPs

Re: Did you get Harper's approval to mail this to me? RSVP
Thank you

Does this meet your pre approval?
Actually I do, did not need it. I posted it anyway for all to read.


----- Original Message -----
From Paul
To: Moore, James - M.P.
Cc: ; ; Harper, Stephen - M.P. ;
Sent: Friday, March 17, 2006 1:19 PM
Subject: Re: Did you get Harper's approval to mail this to me? RSVP

Thanks for the email and now I can next post it on the net to show all in Canada and world wide how the federal Conservative Cabinet Ministers do now abuse good citizens of Canada like me that do not go along with them too

And just cause your PM boss is clearly a dictator, despotic manager it still even does not mean you can order me around now too.

Did you firstly get Harper's approval to mail this to me? RSVP

Did you ever even rightfully acknowledge any one of my many letters before to you now even? RSVP

And are you for real ? What the Conservative rednecks openly abuse us citizens now and show their true colors.

Freedom of speech is still my right and I can always, still write to any and all, note all of the member of Parliaments, all of the members of the legislature, all of the news editor I want in Canada and whether you like it or not too. This is the law and reality you need to respect especially as an MP too.

You really do have it backwards
"The Globe and Mail says Harper has ordered them to say nothing to the media unless it is first cleared by the Prime Minister's Office. "PMO will have final approval for all communications products -- even Notes to Editors or Letters to the Editor," an e-mail sent to bureaucrats states." CTV
Do you also want to pre-approve my emails to all the news editors, others? Dream on.
You got it also now backwards, you work of us and we do not work for you.
We the citizens still are the one who pre approve, and approve too what you do.
And if you do not like it yes you can resign , quit politics, stop taking the pay we taxpayer's pay you.


----- Original Message -----
From: Moore, James - M.P.
To Paul
Sent: Friday, March 17, 2006 12:58 PM
Please remove this email address from your distribution lists.
Thank you.

----- Original Message -----
From Paul
To: ; Harper, Stephen - M.P. ;
Sent: Friday, March 17, 2006 11:27 AM
Subject: To the now sad and useless Conservative federal PM, Health, Cabinet Ministers
To the now sad and useless Conservative federal PM, Health, Cabinet Ministers March 17, 2006,

Why is that the federal government does not stand up even for the rights, good welfare of the citizens of Alberta still too? that even the other people have to do it? such as the Globe&Mail and me too. RSVP

a: "Harper restricts ministers' message Officials urged to stick to five key priorities; PMO wants to vet all other public comment CAMPBELL CLARK From Friday's Globe and Mail OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper has imposed central control over all information and comments to the public issued by government officials and even cabinet ministers, directing them to have everything cleared by the Prime Minister's Office, according to an internal e-mail and government sources. The orders, described in an e-mail to bureaucrats, indicate that ministers have been told to avoid talking about the direction of the government, and that the government wants them to be less accessible to the news media. And all government officials are instructed to avoid speaking about anything other than the five priorities outlined in the Conservative campaign. "Maintain a relentless focus on the five priorities from the campaign. Reduce the amount of ministerial/public events that distract from the five priority areas identified in the campaign," the e-mail states. "In order to keep a grip on such events [those that distract from priority areas], PMO will approve all ministerial events." The seven-point e-mail summarizes a briefing that the federal government's top bureaucrat, Clerk of the Privy Council Kevin Lynch, and his senior official in charge of government communications, assistant cabinet secretary Dale Eisler, gave to the top communications official in several government departments last week. The e-mail was made by a senior bureaucrat who attended the meeting. Government officials and Conservatives confirmed the instructions, including orders that the PMO clear all public communications — including minor comments and letters to local newspapers. "PMO will have final approval for all communications products — even Notes to Editors or Letters to the Editor," the e-mail states. Mr. Harper's PMO is not the first to want the final say on communications — but it has extended the practice to a level never seen in Ottawa."

Globe& Mail- Do you know where your PM is? By KEN BECKER Friday, March 17, 2006, When I was a young reporter with United Press International in New York in the early 1970s, I was once assigned to cover the president of the United States. My job was to be outside a Manhattan hotel, watch the president and his entourage march past, run to a pay phone, call my news desk and report: "Nixon entered the hotel at 8:42 p.m." UPI then dispatched a bulletin with those words. I waited outside to complete my assignment: "Nixon left the hotel at 10:17 p.m." As is still the case, Americans -- or their news media, at least -- know exactly where their president is every moment of the day.

"Comments Here is some food for thought, for discussion, besides the new PM
we do now have a whole new clean image federal cabinet Ministers in Ottawa.
Most of whom now were in the past big talkers even in the house of parliament, Ottawa
and yes they were so willing to speak, wanted so much to be heard when they were the opposition party
but now that they are in paid well, they are in power, they are now the silent ostriches, or silenced, they seem to have now nothing to say.
exempted was Peter MacKay who seem to do it with his foot in mouth.
and worse the Canservative federal cabinet members are now also doing nothing visibly good?
and why is that?
and is this now even acceptable?
of course not!
or where or when can we see their good works on our behalf?
Posted by: I thought you were talking about shameless poiliticians | 15-Mar-06 4:31:52 AM"

b: Globe& Mail- Counting health costs RONALD G. ROWSWELL Print Edition 16/03/06 Re Alberta's Health Care (letter -- March 15): There are two questions that Iris Evans, Alberta Minister of Health and Wellness, should have addressed. First, why does the government defer to the private sector? A properly managed public clinic can be as innovative as one that is private, for-profit or private, non-profit.

----- Original Message -----
From Paul
To: ; Harper, Stephen - M.P. ;
Sent: Monday, March 13, 2006 8:02 PM
Subject: Western Standard's news of the day - Kinda of straight forward.
"Harper is now the traitor to Canada's health care - Prime Minister Stephen Harper appears to be backing away from a confrontation with Alberta over its unacceptable Third Way health proposals Harper's election promise to support the Canada health act is looking insincere. Many critics say a simple statement by the prime minister that Alberta is violating the rules of medicare could have a major political impact - perhaps more impact, in this case, than a cut in federal transfer payments to the province. "I think this is a question of looking the other way. It's a wink and a nod to the provinces who want to privatize - Alberta, Quebec and B.C. - that the federal government is not going to stand in their way." and the lack of response from Ottawa has raised questions about "what the heck he (Harper) meant when he said during the federal election he would stand up and abide by the Canada Health Act and protect it." and what else has he Harper even now lied about? Posted by: Harper is now the traitor to Canada's health care | 13-Mar-06 5:51:01 PM "

----- Original Message -----
From Paul
Cc: Harper, Stephen - M.P.
Sent: Tuesday, March 07, 2006 3:00 PM
Subject: To the Right Honourable Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper MP
Dear very Right Honourable Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper MP March 7, 2006
Also "Tuesday, March 07, 2006 Health Systems Have No Effect On Health


1: This type of false, dictatorial, undemocratic control of communication is exactly what I have seen myself for many years the senior pastors, and their managers doing at the perverse Christian Missionary Alliance churches in Canada . It is certainly both un Christian and un democratic, rather it is still demonic.

2: "Blogging is nothing new
29 Let the prophets speak two or three, and let the other judge.
30 If any thing be revealed to another that sitteth by, let the first hold his peace.
31 For ye may all prophesy one by one, that all may learn, and all may be comforted.
32 And the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets.
33 For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.
(1 Cor 14 KJV)
Blogging is nothing new, it has been practiced for centuries, but it has also been jealously and falsely suppressed for centuries too. Blogging today is not practiced in most of today's Churches even where it had started.
Posted by: Blogging is nothing new | 16-Mar-06 3:10:13 PM"

I rightfully also do not automatically assume that my elected representatives on their own are doing now a good job looking after me and everyone else. They also do need to be supervised now as well, and even next even held accountable too for their bad acts too. And how does your elected representative deal with your concerns now? Ignore you, schedule another golf game for herself or himself? make another pretentious statement? divert the issue to the future or what?

Please do note that other elected officials do kindly acknowledge my right of free speech and a receipt of my emails unlike the Federal Conservatives, even Michael M. Fortier, P.C., Senator, or MOORE, James, MP Parliamentary Secretary Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Public Works and Government Services


----- Original Message -----
To Paul
From: Health, Minister
Sent: Friday, March 17, 2006 3:31 PM
Subject: Minister of Health Reply
Thank you for your e-mail.
I appreciate your time and effort in sending me an e-mail and I can assure you that each e-mail is read and noted. Thank you for sharing your concerns and comments with me.

Tim Sale
Minister of Health
Room 302 Legislative Building
Winnipeg, MB R3C 0V8

Anonymous said...

You were sitting in CEGEP having lunch yesterday when someone shot you and your friends. You got taken to the same hospital and received the same treatment as your friend. You received the same quality of care as your friend and the same medical bill as your friend when you went home.

In the land of the free and home of the brave you both get shot, and they take you to the same hospital. You get treated, but your friend who has PPO insurance gets specialists in to look after him, but you who have no insurance get transfered the next day to a county facility where they do not offer you the same drugs or treatment. You get hussled out of the bed two days later to fend for yourself at home. 30 days later you get served a $100,000 medical bill which they sell to a collection agency after 90 days, regardless if you've been able to return to school or work or not. Don't think of declaring bankrupcy either if you can't pay - they passed that law making personal bankrupcy much more difficult to prove, earlier this year. You lose your house, car everything.

Look, my wife is a pediatric neurologist and had to tell parents last week that their six month old could not get the heart transplant they were hoping for because her kidneys had died, the result of which she had just had two strokes which killed off parts of her brain and she would never recover. It's very sad, yes, but where is the humanity in keeping someone alive on machines? We all must die of some cause some day. It is not indicative of a bad madical system that patients do in fact die every day. What is in fact indicative of a humain system is the fact that all patients receive quality care throughout all stages of health and illness. I'm sory for the parents, of course, but I trust the medical professionals' opinions over those of non-trained grieving parents. Of course they want their child to live. We all want their child to live, but better to make her short life free of suffering than a longer life full of pain and sorrow.

Anonymous said...

Mother nature has a straightforward approach to the old and the sick, they become the prey. The U.S. medical system has developed along the same lines, however, they call it the ability to pay. In Canada, we attempt a balanced approach, quality of life within cost effective means. In other words one very sick person, as you described, can not be allowed to stay on machines indefinitely or we will fall into the U.S. system for lack of money. I find the Canadian model is the better one if we don't screw things up.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...




SAD BUT THAT's the truth. get over it.