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My Own Personal Boycott

Since Indigo/Chapters have decided that they do not value their Christian customers as much as they do people of other faiths, I have decided that I'll be taking my business elsewhere.

Here is the email I sent to the corporation explaining why:
Due to your decision to not display the upcoming issue of the Western Standard containing the cartoons of Muhammad I have decided that in the future my family and I will not be shopping at your stores.

Since Indigo does not have a problem displaying works that offend Christians I can only conclude that your corporation does not value your Christian patrons as much as you do the others.

My family regularly shopped at your Barrhaven and Kanata locations here in the Ottawa area. Due to this decision you can be sure that we won't be returning.
If you think it is worthwhile you can email Indigo/Chapters here.


J Fellows said...

Wow...the Chapters in Barrhaven? Place must have changed since I left there in the 90s... However nice to see some other Barrhavenites still floating around...

Living in Atlanta now, I don't know anything about Chapters not stocking the Western Standard. Maybe they don't stock it because the magazine sucks - however I suppose if they applied the 'suckiness test', they would also be precluded from carrying such bedrock fare as 'Canadian Living' and 'Equinox'... ...its nice that Cdn conservatives have what they think of as 'their' own media organ, the fact remains that the magazine sucks. Ezra Levant, bless his heart for getting the mag going, veils his angry-man personna behind a flag of indignent self-rightousness which becomes tiresome after the 2rd the end of my 12 month subscription I was exhausted.

So I wasn't surprised to receive an indignent email, begging 'we pissed off the muslims by exercising our rights, please send money' last week.

I say, 'Ezra - tough shit'.

Publishing those cartoons has made many Muslim's angry...many Muslims are easily angered anyways - but the crazyiness of crazy Muslims being a totally separate topic, the Fox news/ Western Standard view of the world is that this is a 'freedom of speech' issue, which is patently is not. This is a matter of common courtesy among neighhours.

Here in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave I have a constitutionally enshrined right to burn American flags. I don't exercise this right because it would be insulting to my neighbours and I'd never get invited anywhere for beer.

Rights notwithstanding - if the anger and offense to one group of people caused by the printing, is bigger than the benefit to the cartoon loving freedom fans by the not, then the neighbourly choice is obvious.

So, good luck finding the Western Standard in Chapters. I have the '2005 collection', lightly read, which I would be pleased to send you if you run short of angry-man Ezra.

Otherwise, I apologize for what I am sure is some terrible spelling throughout this long post.

Anonymous said...

The entire Muslim faith, Sunni, Shia, Sufi etc. believe it to be against the faith to portray images of any kind, let alone those disrespectful of the prophet. Muslims do not tell anyone else to follow their prophet, but they do ask us to not be disrespectful of him.

I guess when Chritians stop being disrespectful to/of other Christians you may have a leg to stand upon, but how many times have we heard Protestant Christians call the Pope the Anti-Christ etc. Whose Christianity and whose negative portrayal?

Very immature analysis - *Well he called me names so I get to call him names!* Funny, I just don't recall many Muslims making jokes about how Jesus walked into a bar...

Put your head to trying to figure out how to make the world more peaceful and tolerant rather than picking your own scabs and trying to figure silly ways of *getting even*.

You're a self obsessed small person. Open your heart and mind to other people's feelings and circumstances for once. Get your head out of your own ass - the weather out here is fine!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you for taking a stand. Shame on Indigo/Chapters.
I mean no disrespect to Muslims but get a life!
Out here in the real world political cartoons have no boundaries, they are the court jesters, the ones who can''t get into trouble for telling it the way they see it.
Muslims offend too easily on this point, after all they are not being singled out, everyone is fair game. As Muslims you should learn to take the hit like everybody else and laugh it off. Instead, you want to find a gun and start a war. That, my friend , is unbalanced!
And another thing, when in Rome do as the Romans.
Many here refuse to be cowed by the radicals, if you don’t like it here then go home! If you do like it here, adapt. You are not the first to be welcomed to this country, others have faced far harsher trials and got through them. We call ourselves Canadians, white, black, brown or yellow simply does not matter here. We have a great mix and a lot of fun together. If that means swallowing a little pride once in a while, belly up to the bar or leave.