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BS-Meter On Maximum

Poor Paul Martin has got his undies in a bunch over the defection of David Emerson:
Former prime minister Paul Martin yesterday spoke out for the first time about David Emerson's defection to the Conservatives, saying the about-face "astonished" him since the ex-Liberal had publicly condemned Stephen Harper only days before switching.

Mr. Martin issued a 365-word statement from Europe, where he is travelling, that amounted to a public excoriation of the man Liberals once called a "dream" candidate.

"As the person who recruited Mr. Emerson to public life, and given the lack of any articulated principle behind his decision, I certainly share the disappointment of so many Canadians in both Mr. Harper and Mr. Emerson," he said.

The former prime minister said Mr. Emerson's switch was "without precedent," in part because the Vancouver MP crossed the floor so quickly after being elected a Liberal last month.
People can have legitimate questions over Emerson's defection but when Paul Martin starts to become all richeous I can't do anything except roll my eyes in disbelief.

This is the same guy who convinced Belinda Stronach to switch parties just before a confidence vote. This is also the same guy who personally ensured that select candidates were dropped into ridings to run for the Liberals even against the wishes of the local party members.

Sad Paul... really... really... sad.


purses said...

And I thought Canadians had it easy. You guys have the same problems that we do in the states.

From our VP shoooting his best buddy, the the president lying about having the levy's "ready and waitin", we also can do nothing but shake our heads, and our fists.

I have to come to Canada one day. Very cool blog. :-)

Anonymous said...

Liberals and conservatives...tsk, tsk. They are all the same and turn coats every so often just to point that out to the public, as if to say we can and will do as we please in office and there is nothing you can do about it.
That is why I will be voting green come the next election. You all know what the old dog can do because you have seen him do it to you so many times in the past. Well I want a new dog. I expect the core philosophy of lowering costs to wind its way towards lower taxes, and I am fairly certain they will not endorse a Bush philosophy of throwing away billions on war. Pity the American tax payer with 300 billion in new debts courtesy of 8 years with Bush.

tornerdinn10 said...

Thank you very much. This was a great help.