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And You Want Me To Pay For This?

So some of you out there think I should help pay for institutionalized daycare. I don't bloody well think so:
It was a beautiful winter day to spend outdoors for the children at Le Petit Bourg daycare centre. For most of them, it probably felt a lot warmer than the -2 recorded that day in Quebec City, even with the slight breeze that grazed their faces.

But the decision to leave 13-month-old Ludovick outdoors to nap for almost four hours has called into question the judgment of the daycare workers who thought it best to let the boy sleep, cuddled in a plastic car seat, rather than awaken him to take him indoors.
And how did the daycare respond to the parents concerns:
He and the baby's mother, Claire Ferland, immediately demanded a meeting with the daycare's administrator. Ms. Ferland told Le Soleil newspaper that she couldn't believe the explanations she was given as justification for letting her son nap outdoors in winter for so long.

"We were told things like: 'He has the warmest boots of everyone in the group,' or 'He breathes better outdoors.' They trivialized the incident and wouldn't even offer an apology," she said.

The parents filed a complaint with the province's child-protection authorities when it became obvious that the daycare found nothing abnormal about the incident.
The only comment I have to make on this story is that in case any of you didn't know... Quebec already has institutionalized daycare.

So for all you pro-government-daycare folks, sleep well at night and don't let fear for little Sally's life affect your productivity while at work.

That after all would be bad for the economy... and we can't have that.


Roberta said...

Oh Dana, I'm not totally on topic here but I shudder with such dismay when I see children in plastic car seats in the winter. With the straps required between their legs, more often than not a blanket is thrown loosely over them but it does absolutely nothing to block the penetration of the cold on their wee kidneys and backs. People don't seem to comprehend how cold (like bloody concrete) plastic can be and is. Even experts don't seem to be aware of this and educating the public about it the way they should be. I think all these seats should be banned if they don't have at least a woolen or quilt lining that is at least two inches thick. Even inside a house, a plastic baby seat on the floor (which is much colder than on a bed) when the heat is turned down at night is a bloody hazard to a child's health!

Whiskers said...

I can't say I disagree. I'll check to see the consensus. Happy mother's day!

Anonymous said...

So, tell me why I have to pay school taxes when I have no children.
That is taxation without representation and I am offended.

If I buy a car, should you have to pay for it?

Hmmm, maybe you should!