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Showing Us The Big Picture

At around 1:30pm today I saw that Iraqi voters had passed the draft constitution with about 80% voting in favour of it's passage. Naturally I wanted to check out the reports and the following screenshots are what I saw...

The Globe And Mail

Considering that all of these media outlets claim that they provide their viewers with the "big picture" it seems odd that this story isn't given the prominance it deserves. Don't these same media outlets give prominance to nearly every negative event that occurs in Iraq?

Sadly even if Iraq turns out to be a successful democracy, most people will never know how sad and pathetic the coverage of events there have been.

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Temujin said...

Well, it's just a bunch of silly people running around with purple fingers. How important can that possibly be, really?

Thank goodness for the blogosphere.

bath mateUS. said...

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