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Hating America

The distinguished editors here at canadiancomment insist that you read this article by Bruce Bawer.

Now go!

Update @ 1:31pm

[Via Zacht Ei]


Michael said...

you know, it's funny the way this well written essay starts out! If it wasn't for America... Europeans probably couldn't read books.

.... or at least ones that wasn't titled Mein Kampf

Friend of USA said...

A must read indeed.

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MB said...

An excellent essay. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in this topic.

Anonymous said...

Very stimulating; thanks for the link.

I say Europeans are simply projecting their own guilt onto Americans. When I first went to Europe as an adult 35 years ago I quickly realized, as did many others, that Europe had all the problems it was so quick to condemn the US for, and was doing less about them. Not only that, there were still fascist governments in Europe (and of course lots of communist ones). So the Europeans dealt with their guilt by pretending it was the Americans who were the really guilty ones.

Still are, apparently.

Anonymous said...

Excellent read. As a naturalized American living here since 1960 coming alone with $30 in my pocket I can honestly say this is truly the land of opportunity. It was in 1960 and is still. Returning (just after 9/11) to Scotland after 40 years absence I was quite struck by the astonishing anti-Americanism in Gt. Britain. I was also astonished by the massive immigration from 3rd world countries into Britain and obviously Europe. Perhaps KLM & the Euro - peans elitists should worry more about learning Farsi than German & less about hating America. I quite frankly am fed up listening to the rants about how bad America is, yet people the world over are clamoring to get here. And when they get here they they use our freedom of speach to rant and rave and spew their hatred while living here. Go figure...ONLY IN AMERICA. Europe in about 10 -20 years wont know what hit them. But I am sure they will be expecting America to bail them out. The big bad ugly American Tax Payers.

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