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The Trudeau Family - Supporting Murderers And Tyrants Since 1973

Unfortunately Hassan Almrei ended his hunger strike this past Saturday:
Seventy-three days into a hunger strike that had him fearing for his life, Hassan Almrei ended his protest Saturday because of the hope he says he's been given by Canadians.

The 31-year-old Syrian national, one of five people being held on a national security certificate as a threat to Canada, had been subsisting on three glasses of orange juice a day and some water in an attempt to gain the same rights as a federal inmate.
This may seem quite innoculous if not for this:
Alexandre Trudeau, son of the late prime minister Pierre Trudeau, was among those in attendance.

“We're here because of the hunger strike, and this is sort of a fine point of this issue,” said the filmmaker, who has been an outspoken advocate for Mr. Almrei and Moroccan detainee Adil Charkaoui, whom Canadian authorities have accused of being an al-Qaeda sleeper agent.

“This campaign has to go on, we have to be aware of this and really come to understand whether this is something we want in this country or not — which I personally do not.”

Mr. Almrei is fighting Canada's attempts to deport him to Syria, where he says he will be tortured.

He has admitted to lying about his past to get into Canada and training in Afghanistan, but denies any ties to al-Qaeda or Osama bin Laden.
What in bleeding hell is Alexandre Trudeau doing supporting such a maggot! Almrei has admittedly broken Canadian law and spent time training in Afganistan. Has anyone cared to ask Alexandre what Almrei was training for while in Afganistan. Multi-cultural ambassador perhaps? Gourmet chef? Human rights activist?

And not only does Almrei have Alexandre's support he kicked us in the nuts with this classic:
“I am sad that the Ontario government will not give me my basic human rights,” Mr. Almrei said in a written statement read to the hundreds of protesters gathered outside the Metro West Detention Centre in Toronto.
Not give you your basic human rights? Oh the humanity! This coming from a man who spent a couple of summers training to kill infidels.

Why oh why don't any of this so called jihadists and martyrs have any self-respect?


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Anonymous said...

It is no surprize that "rights" demonstrators and advocates don't ask what this person was doing in afghanistan. The reality of the man and his case might interfere with the fantasy of a just crusade against the establishment. Infants!