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Question of the Day

Do we really need the CBC? Please discuss freely.


Dana said...

Absolutely freakin' not.

We need the CBC about as bad as I need a kick in the twins.

Bob said...

If the CBC did what they did, as a private company without government money, I'd have no problem with that. But for some reason, I don't see that happening.

Michael said...

But then,... who will show my hero Red Green on TV? What about HNIC? My other hero Coach Cherry still needs something to do. I don't think he makes enough off of his appearances on the FAN 590 or his commercial reading skills! It's a beaaaauuuuty!

I wish this could happen to my PBS, but I think liberally funded TV is here to stay.

John the Mad said...

Of course we need the Mothercorpse. If we did not have the CBC, where would we get our Governors General?

Think about it man. You think Governors General grow on trees. No they do not! They are incubated on The National and current events programs.

Sheesh. What a dumb question.

John the Mad said...

Do we need the CBC? The lack of comment demonstrates that the CBC is not on Canadian radar screens.

O' the humanity!

D. McGrath said...

I was talking not too long ago with a young Canadian, and media became the topic.

He asked me a question that really threw me for a loop. The question was, "What is your state news channel?" Such an odd question.

I would expect a Communist to ask me a question like that, not somebody from Canada.

State controlled media equals mind control.

We saw evidence of that here in the states. With the advent of the Web, the Liberal New York Times and LA Times no longer have the monopoly they once did and can no longer be the phrasers of the questions. As was once wisely said, "He who frames the question wins the debate." (Close)

Your question about whether you need the CBC is irrelevent. There are those in power who will do anything to keep that control, and there is nothing you can do about that. Lack of comments merely shows that Canadians accept that as fact.