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Please Tell Me It Isn't So

I know that in general a nation's politicians are not an accurate reflection of it's people. But after seeing this, someone please tell me that the German people are not the same worthless pieces of shit that their politicians are?

Are German's in particular, and continental Europeans in general, so obsessed about the United States that crap like that actually wins votes? How pathetic have you people become that you fall for this foolishness?

Your countries have enough of their own problems to worry about but instead of dealing with them you allow your politicians to distract you from their incompetence by such childish tricks.



Dex said...

How could the poster ensure he would win or for that matter a good leader of the people.

Michael said...

what did the poster say? I don't read German.

Dana said...

The poster says: "She Would Have Sent Soldiers".

JasperPants said...

I don't know what the fuss is about...the Libranos would do the same here.

"bigotry of low expectations", perhaps?

Brother Waxwell said...

Isnt that one of the oldest tricks in the book? Spend all your time fixated on the percieved shortcomings of others.. So you dont have to face your own?
Seems to have worked quite well for a few middle eastern thugacrocies. Maybe it'll work equally well for a few (failing) European socialist eutopian states.


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