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The Aftermath of Katrina

Nothing amuses me more than reading how all the lefty moonbats are blaming G.W. Bush for the situation in Louisiana.

In response to such stupidy I came across this simple and eloquent statement:
They aren't stranded because of politics, SUVs or climate change. They are stranded because a planet that graces us with sunshine and warmth also makes storms.
Indeed. Mother Nature is a bitch.


Norman Lorrain said...

New Orleans was a disaster well before Katrina, thanks to political correctness and Liberal policies:

Dana said...

Gunfire is so common in New Orleans -- and criminals so fierce -- that when university researchers conducted an experiment last year in which they had cops fire 700 blank rounds in a neighborhood on a random afternoon "no one called to report the gunfire," reported AP.

Can you bloody well imagine. Needless to say, New Orleans never was known as a law-and-order type of town.

Michael said...

I just want to thank you both, Bob and Dana, for the thoughtfulness and prayers again for America in her time of need.

Your personification of class on the Canadian Comment blog is certainly the heart and soul of you great country.

Dave said...

Neither the savagery of the storm nor the pre-existing savagery of some neighbourhoods excuse the slow response. There are some that are seeking to assign blame only on the US gov't, which is incorrect. Indeed Katrina is the main culprit here, but they knew it was coming and did precious little to prepare. For that, the gov't has to be held accountable.

Dana said...

they knew it was coming

Indeed they did. So did the people who suffered. So did you I suspect, and after checking your blog I can't seem to find any "Sweet Jesus they're all gonna die!" posts.

The simple fact is that when a natural disaster strikes there is little anyone can do until the danger has passed. That includes the government.