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More loose Screws

If the previous story made you wonder about the type of people that inhabit this fine planet, then no doubt this one from Lahore will also do the same.
"A man killed his wife over a domestic dispute in Hadyara police jurisdiction. Muhammad Azam and Janat got married five months ago. The couple visited Azam’s aunt on Thursday. Janat demanded to meet her relatives on which the couple scuffled.

After an exchange of harsh words, Azam attacked his wife with a shovel and she was killed instantly. The body was sent for an autopsy and the police registered a case on the complaint of Azam’s aunt Suriya."
Man visits his aunt, wife wants to visit hers, man doesn't think that's a good idea, man kills wife with a shovel. Its beyond me that this type of thing goes on anywhere in the world. You would think people had more sense.

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