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CBC staff locked out!

The CBC has locked out about 5,500 of its employees as of Monday, if this lockout lasts for a prolonged period of time, that means the CBC is going to be spending a lot less money than normal... what happens to its budget? If it falls dramatically will we, the taxpayers, get a tax cut or a cheque in the mail?

Or better yet, what if a group of citizens take the CBC to court and sue their asses for damages because we humble and noble Canadians no longer know how to think without the CBC telling us what we should concern ourselves with on a daily basis. I have two words for the judge, emotional distress.

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Anonymous said...

Who would notice if the rest of the media didn't repeatedly tell the CBC had locked out its staff and normasl programming was absent? Certainly no one I know. No one listened to or watches CBC! Ever!