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The Shortest Open Letter Ever

Dear Mr. Martin:

Now that your election pandering is in low gear I suggest that you take the time to read this article.

Your pathetic attempt to gain support by pledging money to the Sudanese government (a government directly responsible for the crimes discussed in the article) was one of the lowest points in recent Canadian politics.

Considering that you now have a bit more spare time on your hands, why don't you redeem yourself by actually doing something that might ease these people's suffering.



Update @ 1:57pm

I would just like to add a few European countries to the list of people the above letter is addressed to based on this response to the article:
After reading Nicholas Kristof's piece on the Sudanese government's "systematic campaign of rape" in Darfur, I have a question for Europe:
Where the hell are you?
Are you waiting for the U.S. to take action? We're rather busy in Iraq and Afghanistan at present. So why don't you do something? France, Germany, Belgium: For years you've claimed moral superiority to us. Prove it now.
Though I totally agree, the odds that Europe will do something constructive to address the situation is very slim indeed. Europe sadly is all talk and no action. Somehow Europeans have convinced themselves that their pacifism makes them better than others though the poor women in the article would probably disagree.

[Via Instapundit]


Anonymous said...

Did you send a copy of this to the prime minister? What was his response?

Dana said...

I sent it. No response yet.