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Quotes Dana would Enjoy

Anybody that reads this blog on a consistent basis would probably have come to the conclusion that Europeans and their smug attitudes drive my co-blogger Dana absolutely crazy. So for Dana's entertainment I have found a few quotes that he would be probably enjoy.
"Too many Europeans still cherish the belief that they are close to an end to war, hunger, want, and meanness, ideals inseparable from a light work week, cradle to grave care, protection by an uncouth American military, and a steady supply of fertile, darker, unassimilated peoples to take out their trash and clean their toilets."
"In Europe's lack of capacity to airlift divisions to Afghanistan, bomb Irag from carrier taskforces, or present wayward regimes like Pakistan with ultimatums, frustrated Europeans put their faith, mistakenly or not, in international bodies like the United Nations and the International Criminal Court, while pretending not to notice that American power alone is what has permitted them to dream that they inhabit a global fairyland of reasonable people."
"American power made it possible for Europeans to believe that power was no longer important. And now, in the final irony, the fact that US military power has solved the European problem, especially the 'German problem', allows Europeans today, and Germans in particular, to believe that American military power, and the 'strategic culture' that has created and sustained it, is outdated and dangerous."
"Because Europe has neither the will nor the ability to guard its own paradise and keep it from being overun, spiritually as well as physically, by a world that has yet to accept the rule of 'moral consiousness', it has become dependant on America's willingness to use its military might to deter those around the world who still believe in power politics."
If anybody else has to good quote along these lines, you can leave it in the comments section and I'm sure that Dana and I will give them a read.


Dana said...

All good and as far as I'm concerned, true.

Nicholas said...

Steven den Beste wrote: "Maybe there's a reason why the European politicians are so insincere: if they all frankly expressed what they really think of one another, there would be another war in Europe."

Nicholas said...

How about James Lileks: "I hate the French. I would love to be French, but cannot, and it is pointless to want to be French if you are not, and indeed you are an object of contempt! Fool! Be gone! Slither back to the merde-soaked fields of Belgique!

I jest. I don't hate the French. I admire them in many respects — painting, monarchical architecture, 19th century urban design, of course 19th century fiction. The 20th century has been a mixed bag — poisonous intellectual nonsense, from Marcuse to the neo-Stalinists and back again. But they interest me more than the Germans, who are either stolid & productive or alarmingly extroverted; Italy, as interesting as it is today, will never come up with a sequel to Rome: The Empire, and hence their past is much more interesting than they'll ever be. Spain: lovely. Next slide, please? Switzerland: lovely, but should I go there I'll hum a paraphrase of that wretched Jefferson Starship song: We built this city-state on Jewwwwish Gold! Unfair, I know, but them's the breaks."

Nicholas said...

Third and final: James C. Bennett

"In considering the Holocaust, most attention has been given to its direct victims, as is appropriate. However, we must also consider that it was a form of self-administered lobotomy for Continental European culture.

"It would not be surprising if the twin anti-modernist themes of anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism, now rapidly coalescing into a single nasty mess visible in many of the pro-Saddam demonstrations of the past year, become once again the predominant political-cultural theme in Western Continental Europe, overwhelming the decent and positive forces there that had previously prevailed."

Dana said...

"alarmingly extroverted"... classic!