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The Prime Minister is Right !!!

Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin has finally come out and said yesterday that he thinks it is unacceptable for Iran to be moving towards developing nuclear weapons and becoming a nuclear armed nation.
"I do not believe that the world can simply stand by and watch the possibility of Iran going from step-to-step towards the creation of making itself a nuclear power,"
"It is simply unacceptable in a world in which we all want to limit the threat of nuclear proliferation that the world is unable to come to a satisfactory agreement with Iran."
I think that most people would have to agree with Mr. Martin on this issue, but the question remains what is he going to do about it? Words and letters are simply not going to be enough to deter the Iranians from continuing down the path they currently are taking, its gonna take more than that.


Anonymous said...

I think Martin should haul off and give the Mullahs a dirty look.

Publius has some more thoughts on Iran here:


Anonymous said...

What would you suggest he do about it? Send American and British kids to Teheran?

I mean, what IS the solution?

I'm not trying to be argumentative, it's an honest question.

Steve (

Raging Ranter said...

Wow. Did Martin actually take a position? That must have damn near killed him! Next thing you know he'll be making actual decisions. Crazy!

Bob said...

He should try to embarrass the European Union into full sanctions if Iran continues its present course. He could tell the press that Canada is willing to go that route and that he expects the European Union to follow his lead, or else they will be seen as morally corrupt. Probably wouldn't work though, most European governments already know they are morally corrupt. It's true Mr. Martin has very few cards to play in this whole situation, but at least he could do was try, and if all his efforts fail, at least he could blame it on somebody else.