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More Sleaze At The Top

So how low will the Liberals go? From appearances, it seems that if you dug a hole half-way to China some Liberal stooge would be right behind you asking what the hold-up is.

The latest bit of Liberal corruption is of course the recorded offers made to Germant Grewal:
A close look at the full four hours of Grewal's tapes may give the public a better idea of who, if anyone, was guilty of criminal corruption.

We don't need a courtroom trial, however, to feel indignation and disgust at what transpired.

The tapes reveal clearly that Murphy was actively discussing voting strategy with Grewal in the context of as-yet undefined future benefits.

Was this a negotiation? Murphy is caught on tape suggesting that if Grewall and his wife miss several confidence votes this spring then "We'll have much more detailed ... discussions after that with some freedom."

Murphy now insists that "No offer was made to Gurmant Grewal," which may be technically true -- that will be a matter for Crown prosecutors to decide -- but leaves open some important questions. Was Murphy attempting to induce in Grewal, with a kind of "nudge, nudge, wink, wink," the belief that there would be a handsome payoff later, if the vote went as planned?

When Grewal offered (or pretended to offer) to sell his vote to the Liberals for a lucrative government appointment, why did Murphy and Dosanjh not denounce Grewal to his face?

The tapes sound, frankly, as if Murphy was speaking in the kind of code employed by conspirators who want to maintain plausible deniability in case the police are wire-tapping their exchange: "If anybody asks the question, 'Was there a deal?,' and we say 'no', we want that to be the truth,' " Murphy says. Some truth.
And this ladies and gentlemen is the problem. We've had to listen to the Prime Weasel tell us that no offer was ever made to Grewal. Now of course the Liberals are twisting the story claiming that pieces of the recordings are missing and other such foolishness. As Arthur Schafer says, why did the Dosanjh, Murphy, and Martin go along with Grewal if it was in fact Grewal who initiated the discussions? Hasn't Martin been repeated telling us how he was going to clean up corruption in our government? Hey Paul! That was your opportunity and you blew it.

Anyways, I can't blame Liberals for being jackasses. Heck, they've been given free reign for so long they believe they can get away with anything.

Saddly though, with every new case of Liberal corruption, it is my faith in the Canadian people that seems to be hurt most. Liberals are corrupt, they have been for a long time so none of their actions surprise me.

Unfortunately, polls consistently show that the Liberals still enjoy 30%-35% support.

That ladies and gentlemen is the much more disturbing that Liberal corruption.


Bob said...

No need to be alarmed, I'm sure that good old Paul 'Wirebrush' Martin will scrub this one clean too.

Tommy Steele said...

What do you make of the Liberal's translation.

Noel said...

Have you listened to the original, "untranslated" copy? I doubt it. So how can you reliably comment? And how can you totally ignore the fact that Gurmant's actions have just driven Canadian politics to an all-time low?

Dana said...

Is that Liberal translation supposed to be a joke?

First off there is no link and then the difference in length of the translations is crazy.

Dana said...


Of course I haven't listened to the original. But if you want to know how I can reliably comment this is how:

1) I am not under any illusion that the Liberals are not capable of such a thing.
2) The Liberal Party spin on this has been all over the map and totally inconsistent.
3) The Liberal Party has shown that it is more that willing to use government appointments to gain support.
4) The Liberal Party spin doctors have heard just as much of the recordings as I have and the media is more than willing to listen to their thoughts on the matter. Why are my thoughts any less valid?

Dana said...


So what are your thoughts that now Martin has stated that he authorized the talks?

Link and quote here.

And given that Martin authorized the talks are you still so offended that Gurmant had just "driven Canadian politics to an all-time low"? Are you obsolving Martin of all responsibility?

Jema54 said...

Dana , you have made some great points and I agree with all of them. The Liberals are proving that they have no fear of their patrons and no respect for any intellegence beyond their own 'handlers'. There are likely lots of 'heads rolling' in the backrooms right now as Paule and Dosanj unleash their ferocious tempers on the Lib 'handlers'. These people always blame someone else when something goes wrong in "Their" world. They would have Mr. Grewal 'drawn and quartered if they could have their wishes come true. Mr. Grewal has 'stung' them and he is an honorable man. They do not have 'dealings' with honorable men so they are on unfamiliar ground. How to 'deal' with someone who cannot be bought or intimidated? They are hoping the 'peons'(US!) will remain gullable - esp their loyal fans in Ontario. The media monkeys are probably terrified.

CERDIP said...

>Is that Liberal translation supposed to be a joke?

>First off there is no link and then the difference in length of the translations is crazy.

*removes hook from Dana's lip*

Noel M said...

I don't think anyone believed that the talks went on without Martin's authorisation... he would have been informed from the outset. Negotiating the defection from one party to another is pretty commonplace in Ottawa and is not illegal. However, offering positions in the cabinet, or an ambassadorship IS illegal and he has never stated that he offered either. In fact, the tapes don't even support the allegation that he did. Instead, the conversations are very vague, with no promises at all, which is probably why Gurmant changed tactics... he could not get the assurance that he or his wife would receive anything, so he most likely pretended to have orchestrated a "sting", to save face in front of his CPC colleagues.

Remember, Gurmant has a history of exaggerating and misrepresenting facts. He's well known for that out here.

Don't get me wrong... I'm not a Liberal supporter. I believe that they are corrupt and dishonest, as I believe most politicians are.

So now Gurmant goes back to his hole and lays low for a while. And where is Nina? Why haven't we heard from her? Could she not "back up" his statements? Or does she KNOW that he's trying to pull another fast one and? Sounds fishy to me...