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More On Healthcare

This afternoon Paul Martin blessed us by spouting off about the Supreme Court decision allowing private healthcare services in Quebec:
Prime Minister Paul Martin vowed Thursday that Canada's public healthcare system would remain intact, despite a Supreme Court of Canada ruling opening the door for private care in Quebec.

"We're not going to have a two-tier healthcare system in this country," he told reporters following Thursday's ruling.

"Nobody wants that."
Pauly? Come on... get your head out of your ass. It seems that only Paul Martin is important enough to receive his healthcare from a private clinic. I guess us rubes will just have to learn to enjoy the scraps that our national elite throw us.

Anyways, Paul Martin even had the nerve to praise his past work in fixing the healthcare system:
Mr. Martin said the government's objective has been to have the "best public, accessible, universal healthcare system we can."

"That is why we invested over $41-billion over ten years, and that is why, together with the provinces, we implemented a whole strategy to reduce waiting times," he said.
I'd like to ask how exactly $41 billion dollars is going to fix waiting lines? I'll tell you this, 4 years from now waiting lists will be just as long as they are now. Most of the $41 billion will get eaten up by the healthcare bureaucracy before much of it ever makes it's way to a clinic or operating room.


Anonymous said...

"Nobody" wants private health care, not the 56% of those who answered "Yes" to the Globe and Mail question "If private health services were available today, would you use them?" And not the 76% who answered "Yes" to the question "Do you want the same kind of access to private healthcare that Quebec was granted today?" No, "nobody" wants private health care. My guess is that it is Americans who are answering the poll. It's all a Bush plot! Quick, blame Karl Rove.

Toronto Tory said...

Great post.

I've written more about Paul Martin and private health care on my blog.

Noel M said...

I suggest you read this excellent review/comparison of a variety of health care systems from around the world by Ezra Klein. Quite informative.

It would appear that much less of our healthcare budget is actually "eaten up by bureaucracy" than you would have everyone believe. In fact, counties with greater access to "private" healthcare services actually have a lesser percentage of the money going into the provision of care.

Blue Cross of California said...

Universal health care is a great health care system and I hope the U.S. can soon adapt to it.

Dana said...

Universal healthcare is immoral and ineffective.

I've got nothing else to say on the matter.