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Martin's legacy so far

Take a look at the following quote from Roman historian Tacitus, in which he comments on the legacy of one of Rome's emperors.
"If only he had not become the emperor, everyone would have said what an excellent emperor he would have made."
If Tacitus were alive today and living in modern day Canada, I'm pretty sure he would make a similar comment about our current leader, and it might go something like this.
"If only Paul Martin had not become Prime Minister, everyone would have said what an excellent Prime Minister he would have made."
In my opinion, that short statement sums up our Prime Minister's legacy pretty accurately so far. Does anybody else have an opinion?

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Temujin said...

And to think I was mildly optimistic about PM the PM.

For one, I was sure he'd at least offer token support for the war on terror.

That seems so long ago, now.

Zubari Zubari said...

Happy "Canada Day" (Dominion Day) Everyone.

God Bless The Old Bitch!

Zubari Zubari said...

10 Ways to Celebrate Diversity on CANADA DAY:

1) Free Canayjin citizenship for everyone in China

2) Demand that the Senate immediately ratify C-38

3) Declare war on America

4) Honourary citizenship for Robert Mugabe

5) Appoint Karla Teale-Homolka to the Supreme Court

6) Invite Svend Robinson for a sleepover with your son

7) Forgive all debts for all Canayjins

8) Demonstrate felching in an elementary school Social Sciences class

9) Feed one of your limbs to a bear

10) Kill yourself by watching only Canayjin TV shows

Fenris Badwulf said...

Boy, you right wing fanatics sure are negative. It is all criticism all the time. Bicker, bicker, bicker.

Why do you not just say that you disagree with our First Citizen on ideological grounds for a few specific issues? Hmmmm? Surely you agree with El Supremo on quite a few things.

And take a valium. Ontario will vote Liberal in the next election, even if Paul is a Crook. Just accept what you cannot change. Gay Marriage is good for Toronto Tourism. Why don't you sell out like your neighbors have?

Tommy Steele said...

I think his legacy will be the passing of the bill C-38. The official recognition of equal rights is hardly something to sneer at.

He could also be know for the political drubbing he gave Harper.

Anonymous said...

"He could also be know for the political drubbing he gave Harper"

If that's his legacy, it would only be historic if Harper goes on to become a great Prime Minister.

That's a pretty optimistic way of seeing things! Thanks, made my day.

Raging Ranter said...

"Political drubbing he gave Harper". And that would be when? When he almost lost the last election? When he bribed the sociopathic Belinda Stronach with a cabinet post? Or was it when the Liberal-controlled media turned the Grewal tapes into a Tory scandal? Personally I'd vote for that last one, but it's really not much of a legacy, considering the lofty expectations the Criminal Party of Canada had for Dithers just two years ago.

Raging Ranter said...

I think Svend Robinson could handle that entire list by himself. He'd be more than happy to do a felching demo for a grade 3 class. As for killing himself watching can-con TV, he has been rather depressed lately. And millions of Canadians would love to feed one of his limbs to a bear (actually, all of his limbs, one at a time). Declare war on America? He's already declared war on Israel, live on TV no less. He could steal the Canadian citizenship papers for the Chinese, and for Mugabe. Demand the Senate ratify C-38? He's done that already I'm sure. Appointing Karla to the Supreme Court might be a bit of a stretch though. He doesn't much like girls.

Tommy Steele said...

Haha. I knew that would get someone going. I wasn't sanctioning Martin, by any means. But you said it ranting, when he beat on Harper at election time, when he bribed Belinda and secured the house, and when he deflected criticism Grewal's way, Martin showed his political prowess. Harper is too good of a guy (albeit a grumpy one), I think, to effectively counter that.

Ace said...

I like your blog.

Anonymous said...

Sure, bring in the Conservatives. Women's rights will end, the Church will take over the State and capitalist greed will be tantamount.

A man who can separate his beliefs to stand up for the Charter is a good man in my books.

Anonymous said...

You are a complete idiot. The conservatives have been in power plenty of times and not one of these things has happened. Stupidity!

Blogette said...

"Sure, bring in the Conservatives. Women's rights will end, the Church will take over the State and capitalist greed will be tantamount.

A man who can separate his beliefs to stand up for the Charter is a good man in my books"

Which is exactly why a Tory was the first woman PM

Which is exactly why Harper was proposing civil unions for SSM (personally, I think everyone should have a civil union, like in many Euro countries, take the state out of marriage completely)

When you say 'capitalist greed' you are ASSuming that politicians are omnisicent, infaillable and not greedy. *cough*Jean Lapierre*cough*.

Muchos Besos

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