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Is Paul Koring An Ass?

Sometimes I read an article and the stupidity of it just floors me. Today's example is Bush gives morsels to Blair's Africa aid program written by Paul Koring. This article is supposed to fall under the 'news' catagory at the G&M but with all the obsurd languange it feels like an editorial:
Seeking billions in debt relief for Africa, newly re-elected British Prime Minister Tony Blair had to settle yesterday for extravagantly wrapped morsels of food aid and vague promises of more to come from U.S. President George W. Bush.


Both men gushed about their close relationship, but a clear and yawning gap remained in their positions over both aid to Africa and global warming. Mr. Blair wants massive action on both now; Mr. Bush remains unconvinced.


Less progress was evident on the vexing issue of global warming.


Despite the chumminess as the two men stood shoulder to shoulder behind twin lecterns in the East Room of the White House, Mr. Bush was not willing to echo his British colleague's comments about global warming.
The bolded text is my doing.

Like what the hell is all that? Is this how the news is written these days?

I did a search for Koring's articles at the G&M and though I am too cheap to get archive access, just reading the article titles makes your head spin. Some of my favourites:

U.S. fixates on shadowy terrorist in Iraq
Abbas collects verbal bouquets in the Rose Garden
Time frays resolve to reach Palestine

Why does it seem that everything at the G&M becomes more of a joke with each passing day?


Anonymous said...

Dana, the good news is that we all used to sit our conservative closet and stew about this stuff thinking we were alone in noticing this MSM bias. Now thanks to blogs like yours, we have company and our growing self-confidence has a snowball effect. The Globe is part of the Liberal propaganda machine, now we all know it and call them on it. This has a gradual demoralizing impact on the left.
Thanks… nomdenet

v said...

You're not the only one who has noticed; I'm featuring examples of ridiculous journalism from the Globe at my blog too. Others have noted that Conservative won't get any sympathy points for bashing the MSM, so I just point and laugh instead. Your mileage may vary.

On a positive note, Toronto Sun editorials and even the odd Ottawa Citzen editorial have been excellent recently.

Michael said...

Don't worry... we have the same problem with this crap here in America.

Gerry O'Donnell said...

Good Grief! Have you read Paul Koring's Nov 22 column. Talk about hysterical hyperbole. 'Cheney, arch-conservative... waded into the mud-slinging brawl', and 'lashed out at critics.' And that's just the first paragraph. The rest of the column is also replete with outlandish exaggerations and unsupported claims. Regarding the assertion the President Bush distorted the intelligence about MWD in Iraq, Koring says 'Some said the White House just flat-out lied.'

The Globe's editors had better have a word with this guy before he makes a laughing stock of the paper.