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Ignorance was Bliss

Came across the following quote today, which got me to thinking. About what you ask? Well, read the quote first then I'll tell you.
"I came to realize that there was no such thing as a monolithic government always striving to do the right thing, even if it did sometimes make mistakes. I understood all too well that a government was made up of many people with different, and sometimes venal, agendas. And sometimes those kinds of people hold high office and wield enormous power, simply to further their own ends. Many times in the years to come, I would wish for the earlier, simpler days of my blissful ignorance."
The above quote got me to thinking about the good old days, when I was totally ignorant about politics and the inner workings of government, and how wonderful it was to be that way. Ignorance was indeed bliss. Anybody else feel the same when they got through reading the quote?


Anonymous said...

I think as capitalists we do act in our own interest, in an Ayn Rand sort of way and that’s a good thing, provided we do no intentional harm to others.

There’s good and bad people in business and government and other institutions. The question is how to we organize ourselves to out the bad as quickly and thoroughly as possible.
The examples to consider are Enron where a lot bad people behaved selfishly and did harm to others. But Enron is gone and now powerless. Then we have Adscam, these wasteful actions have done harm yet the organization behind these actions still has power.
Therefore the solution is to shrink the government because private enterprise is better able to out the bad. So I agree let’s go back to the good old days when the government wasn’t involved in every aspect of our lives.

MB said...

This quote is why libertarian is the way to go!