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Ghiz should Resign as Leader

A new set of Poll numbers has been released here on Prince Edward Island, and Liberal leader Robert Ghiz's personnel popularity continues to lag behind that of his party. For the last few polls, Mr. Ghiz's personnel numbers have trailed that of his Liberal party, and the bad news is that the gap between his party's popularity and his own is getting wider.

Today's polls show that the Liberal party is supported by 43% of the Island's population, while Mr. Ghiz numbers come in 16 points lower than that of his party at 27%. Take into account that the Conservatives trail in the polls at 38%, but their leader Pat Binns personnel support is at 39%, 12 points ahead of Ghiz. I don't know about you, but that says something to me.

By taking in to account today's poll numbers, combined with past polls, and what I'm hearing on the street, I would say that Ghiz's short term as party leader has been a failure. His party has gained ground, mostly due to Conservative screwups, but how much further could it have gone if Mr. Ghiz had done a better job of leading his party? Probably a lot better. So my advice to Robert Ghiz, resign as party leader now and give your replacement time to prepare for next election.

Mr. Ghiz, now that Islanders have gotten to know you a little better, they are starting to come to the conclusion that all you have going for you is your famous father's (Joe Ghiz) last name, and not much else. Nobody likes a whiner Mr. Ghiz and now, rightly or wrongly, most Islanders think you are nothing more than that.

In one sentence you are complaining and whining about PEI's budget deficit, in the very next sentence you complain about all the government's cuts aimed at reducing that very deficit. But you offer no solutions, you either reduce the budget by reducing services or the deficit remains where it is currently at. Mr. Ghiz, you may have heard this one but I'll repeat it anyway, you can't have your cake and eat it too.

Take away the support of diehard Liberal supporters, who most Islanders would agree is about 20-25% of the population, and Mr. Ghiz your support among average Islanders would be in the 2-7% range. Pretty low for someone that fancies himself as being the next Premier of PEI don't you think?

The Conservative party has given Island Liberals a great opportunity to regain power in the province through mismanagement and stupidity, but what can the Liberals do with this chance with Mr. Ghiz at the leadership position, who knows how it will turn out. Only time will tell, that is of course, unless Mr. Ghiz comes to his senses and steps down as Liberal party leader.

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