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Do you get a Free Lunch Too?

CTV is reporting that our MPs eat about $382,000 worth of free lunches a year, paid for by us, the taxpayers of Canada. Apparently we are not paying our MPs enough money, it seems that some of them think that the free lunches they get are deserved.
"I don't think its wrong to provide something for MPs. I know myself, often there isn't time to go to the cafeteria sometimes you miss lunch." - Ontario Liberal MP Susan Kadis
Sometimes you miss lunch, you poor thing! Are MPs the only people in Canada that sometimes miss their lunch break, I don't think so? The next time you miss your lunch break, try calling your local MP and see if they will bring you down a nice healthy meal, paid out of their salary, and see how far you get.

[ Via Neale News ]


Anonymous said...

They don't wait in line for Health Care either. These people live in a bubble , that's why they still think socialism works. Because it still works for them. Some are more equal then others.

The Fog is Clearing said...

Particularly if your MP is a Liberal.

Temujin said...

Lunch break? What is this mystical thing of which you speak?