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Chretien feels Betrayed

Former prime minister Jean Chretien says he feels betrayed by current and former members of the Liberal party, because they are placing the blame of the sponsorship scandal squarely on his shoulders.
"Of course some people betrayed us. They betrayed the government, they betrayed me and they betrayed the nation, but they will pay the price,"
The more I hear Chretien talk, the more I would like to see him land in jail over this whole affair. I know that it's not going to happen, but I guy can dream can't he?

[ Via Neale News ]


james said...

I feel dirty that I was in the same city with him yesterday...
Not to mention very dissapointed that McMaster gave an honorary doctorate! Bloody hell!

The_Fallen said...

Don't get me going on Chretien. Oh he makes me mad. Go check out my blog and see what I wrote about him