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Another in Assassination Lebanon

The well known anti-Syrian journalist, Samir Kassir, was assassinated Thursday in Beirut. First the former premier of Lebanon, Rafiq Hariri, gets assassinated in a deadly roadside car bomb and now the most prominent journalist opposed to the Syrian occupation gets killed when his own car exploded. Full story here
"Kassir, 45, was a founding member of the Democratic Left movement, a main force behind the popular upheaval triggered by Hariri's killing."

"His body was found in the front seat of white Alfa Romeo car parked in front of his house in the Ashrafiyeh neighborhood, which was immediately sealed off by the army and internal security forces."
The Syrians are already walking on thin ice with the international community over the Hariri killing, could they be stupid enough to carry out another hit this soon afterword? Or do they even care now that they have been forced from Lebanon by public sentiment? Or could this be a plot to unite the opposition to try and force Sryian backed President Emile Lahoud out of power? In Lebanon, anything is possible.

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