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The World according to Paul Martin

Would you like to know what it is like to live in Paul Martin's world, and see how the Prime Minister thinks? Is so, check out this story that I found over at Neale News which does just that. Here are a couple samples,
"In Paul Martin's world, NDP Leader Jack Layton is a reckless, free-spending socialist who would bankrupt the country, up until the moment Martin needs him to save his own hide."
"In Paul Martin's world, it's wrong to have an election this year before Judge John Gomery holds his final public hearing into AdScam, but it was right for him to call an election last year before Judge Gomery held his first public hearing into AdScam."
At first I thought the story was funny as hell, but then I realized that the joke is on me, and Canadians in general, because all the insight into the Prime Minister's thought process are dead on. I'm not laughing anymore.

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