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What Fletcher Said was True... But

It seems that rookie Conservative MP Steven Fletcher has gotten himself in a little hot water for something he said last week. Full story here

Here's the offending statement,
"The Japs were bastards."
He made the statement last weekend at a veteran's convention in Winnipeg but followed that up with an apology to the media today. The apology should put this story to bed, but I have one problem with what Mr. Fletcher said and its the fact that he's an elected member of parliament and should know better.

Mr. Fletcher's statement was referring to Japanese soldiers from the Second World War, and for all intents and purposes his statement is correct. The Japanese were brutal during WWII in many respects, but as a MP, he should have worded his feelings in a different manner knowing that the media, and the morally corrupt Liberals would be all over him for making the statement in a crude manner.

I feel for the guy, he seems to know his history and cares a great deal about what went on during that time in our nation's history, seeing as his grandfather was a prisoner of war and seen some things that I hope none of us will see today. But Mr. Fletcher represents the people of his district and must be more careful of the things he says.

If Mr. Fletcher was a private citizen, such as myself, I would have no problem with him saying what he said. But he's not, he's a politician and is held to a higher standard. Members of parliament, especially members of the CPC should not give the media or any other members of the House a chance to unfairly paint them as racists. In my opinion, its just careless and shouldn't happen, that's all.


Tommy Steele said...

I attend University of Manitoba and had the unfortunate experience of having Stephen Fletcher as President of our student union. Due to this experience, I generally regard Stephen Fletcher as a usurper and blinded partisan, known for taking credit where credit is not due. His term led him to conclude in a reminiscent letter to the school's newspaper of his resounding success, winning "every single vote on every single motion, on every issue". Our current president reports that what he fails to mention is the $20,000 of student money he paid a lawyer to severely restrict the student’s voice and increasing the president’s authority by re-writing UMSU's bylaws. The damage done has taken two years to reverse Fletcher's despotic vision. Students were quickly alienated during his time as UMSU president, and now seems to be no different. He is regarded as a shameless self-promoter and manipulator on campus, and his failure to foresee a problem with lingo like "Japs" was probably due to his desire to ingratiate himself with the crowd. He is a lot of hot air, and insubstantial politicians are soon seen for this lack, no matter how puffed up they get.

Anonymous said...

A couple of things. Does an apology rectify the belief system and values that lie behind the comment? What was his grandfather doing in the Far East? Propping up the remnants of brutal British colonialism. Those POME Bastards!