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Tuesday Humour

From The Smyth Report we have this piece of childhood wisdom
In one 5th grade class, the teacher asked each student to come to the front of the class and tell everyone about what their father did for a living. Obviously, there were many typical responses, like firefighter, police officer, salesman, etc. David, strangely quiet at the back of the class, was trying to avoid the teacher's eyes. This, of course, did not phase the teacher, who pointedly asked him what his father did for a living.

After many seconds of hesitation, David sighed heavily, got up and went to the front of the class. "Well, my dad is an exotic dancer in a gay cabaret. He takes off all his clothes in front of men. Sometimes, he goes into another room that looks like a confessional, with another man and lets him do all sorts of sexual things to him for money."

The teacher, floored by these revelations, promptly sends the other kids out for recess and keeps David inside, to ask him if these things are really true about his Dad. "Of course not," replied David. He works for the Liberal Party of Canada, but I couldn't admit THAT to everyone!"

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