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Showering Iran with Love

It was bad enough when the Canadian government were doing nothing to hold Iran accountable for the death of photojournalist Zahra Kazemi, but now this.

I didn't think that our government could get any dumber, two days after Iran warns us to stay out of their internal business, Canada goes and puts the MEK on our terrorist list. A move that makes us look like spineless jellyfish, at a time when we should be showing some backbone.

The MEK is based in Iraq and have cooperated with American and Iraqi forces since the invasion. They do not target civilians and are only concerned with getting rid of the ayatollahs from Iran, not a bad idea if you ask me. Iran has been trying for years, with little success, to get Western countries to put the MEK on their terrorist lists. Why did we do Iran the favor of doing that just now? Is there a deal in place?


Anonymous said...

Apropos of nothing, is TotalFina, FinaTotal, TotaFinal, FinalTota, Total, Fina, or whatever they call themselves these days, seeking any contracts in Ayatollahiana?

David M. McClory said...

The MEK are cultist nutbars, who are despised by the whole breadth of the Iranian spectrum.

Saddam bought them and used them. This is an anathema to patriotic Iranians, both pro- and anti- Wilayat-e-Faqih.

They are not what the Northern Alliance was to Afghanistan(these latter were little better than drug-and gun-runing warlords.